WP Engine takes over Frost, makes it free for everyone

WP Engine has announced that it has acquired the premium Frost WordPress theme from Brian Gardner and will make it available for free to all users.

Gardner released Frost earlier this year as the main product of his new start-up, according to a new report from WP Tavern. Prior to developing Frost, Gardner spent much of his career working on the StudioPress theme framework. However, just like now with Frost, WP Engine acquired StudioPress in 2018.

While Gardener resigned his position at StudioPress the following year and spent the next two years developing Frost, he found his way back to WP Engine in September of that year and became the company’s main developer advocate. .

Open sourcing Frost

Gardner explained to WP Tavern how WP Engine’s decision to acquire Frost was made after he joined its developer relations team, stating:

“When I joined WP Engine at the end of September, it was obvious to me [WP Engine] saw the value of building relationships with designers, developers and creators – within our Atlas product line, as well as with WordPress. While there was interest in Frost when I first got on board, it wasn’t until my vision for our team became clear that an acquisition kicked in. I recommended bringing Frost into company and hire Nick Diego. “

One of the things that makes it easy to build a website in Frost is the theme’s block templates that allow users to quickly set up a site. While Frost’s Block Pattern explorer plugin was once part of its library plugin, Gardner and Diego decided to make it accessible to everyone in the hopes that its improvements one day find its way into the heart of WordPress.

Now, Frost itself is also benefiting from the open source treatment and will become a freely distributed full site editing theme according to a new blog post from Gardener. WordPress site owners can download the Frost theme here and start experiencing the capabilities of its block editor for themselves.

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Via WP Tavern

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