WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 offers greater editing flexibility

WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 is here, unpacking further incremental improvements to the Gutenberg block editor.

Some of the improvements are relatively insignificant additions, like adding a WhatsApp icon to the social icon block.

But others are more important because they give template designers the ability to provide more design options to their users.

Chief among them is a new feature that makes it easier to see model parts and insert them from the block inserter.

This option is for template designers who can now make it easier for users to choose variants.

According to WordPress:

“Gutenberg 13.8 introduces improvements for those who leverage variations and templates to provide flexibility to their users.

Specific variations of template elements are now available in the block inserter, making it easy to add “Header”, “Footer” or “Newsletter subscription” template elements to your site. »

New pattern search component

Another useful update is the addition of search functionality that makes it easier to locate and work with specific model components.

The functionality is described as follows:

“Adds a new search functionality to the model parts replacement modal.

… This makes it easier to find specific model parts.

Border block support for color, width and style

The Image block now supports the full range of border controls, including color, style, and width.

Testing of the new feature went well, with one comment from a contributor:

“Great job getting to the finish line @aaronrobertshaw! Tested with a few different blocks and classic themes, and all are working fine

Crop tools work well in editor with and without custom border

Custom border color works well in editor and site editor

Image border in global styles works well »

Video of the new border block control

Accessibility improvements

Gutenberg 13.8 comes with cumulative accessibility improvements.

Fixes included adding tooltips and fixing a mismatch between visible text and the Toggle Block Insert button aria label.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • BorderControl: Update labeling, tooltips, and wrap with field set and caption.
  • Add aria-hidden to query the paging arrows.
  • Fixed Left-to-Right Control paragraph block labeling and semantics.
  • Fix mismatched label and visible text on toggle block insert button.
  • Fixed block movers description text for horizontal movement.
  • Replace clickable divs with buttons in the Add Template modal.

Code Improvements

One improvement that will be welcome for SEOs is the removal of React snippets from the block library.

It’s not a dramatic improvement. But changes in the right direction are always welcome when it comes to code size, even something as small as this.

The gradual change continues

WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 continues to evolve with incremental improvements, which is the hallmark of most WordPress updates and the full Gutenberg site editor.


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