When changing website themes won’t hurt your Google rankings

The other week we covered how Google’s John Mueller said that changing your website theme or WordPress theme can impact your rankings. But when won’t changing the theme of your website impact your rankings?

Google’s John Mueller did address this issue a few months ago on Twitter. He said that when you change the colors of your site or move HTML elements around, it shouldn’t really impact your ranking in Google searches. But if changing the theme of the website results in a change in the layout, look of your internal links, and the overall design of the site, it can impact your Google rankings.

John said “If you change the color and move the HTML elements around, I wouldn’t expect any issues. If it’s the theme (layout, links, design, etc.) then yes you can see changes. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Think about what you want in a theme and make sure it includes SEO improvements! “

Here are those tweets:

Here’s the video from last week that doesn’t come in like that:

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Note: This was pre-written and is due for release today, I’m currently offline for Succos.

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