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The demand for websites is becoming more common as people create new businesses and services. Both WordPress and Squarespace are tools used to create fully functional websites, and they are used very frequently around the world.

There are many Squarespace and WordPress developers in Brisbane. But do they prefer one service over another? Let’s find out:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source platform that we can use to host and build websites. It has been around for many years now and is one of the easiest content creation platforms to date. Both large and small websites can easily be set up using WordPress, and only minimal coding skills are needed to set up a fully functional page.

We can use two main types of WordPress for website hosting. These include:

Hosted WordPress – It is a SaaS website compiler that gives you access to several features, storage space and hosting. A free version of Hosted WordPress is also available.

Self-hosted WordPress – You can download self-hosted WordPress from the WordPress.org website. Self-hosted WordPress is also open-source, so it can be endlessly modified to suit specific website needs.

What is Square Space?

Squarespace was launched in 2003 and is probably one of the easiest website builders available online. It also offers SaaS for website development, which involves monthly fees. Squarespace users don’t need any coding knowledge to build a website from scratch, and there are thousands of awesome templates just a click away with the help of Squarespace. Nearly 3 million websites online today are powered by Squarespace.

Main differences:

The main functions of WordPress and Squarespace are the same. So how do you choose one over the other?

There are key differences between the two platforms, and which one you choose ultimately comes down to your preference. Here are some of the differences between WordPress and Squarespace:


WordPress and Squarespace both require monthly fees for you to access all of their nifty features. There’s a free and open-source version of WordPress, but you’ll still have to pay for themes, e-commerce features, and hosting.

There are different monthly plans for Squarespace that range from low to high. The more expensive plans have better features. However, you can easily use the cheaper plans if you want a basic and functional website, as it will still look good and fully functional.

You will have to pay to host events on WordPress, even if you use all the other free features. There are different hosting plans you can use, from shared hosting to exclusive hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest of all, and exclusive hosting is the most expensive but also the fastest and most secure.

Since Squarespace has fixed monthly plans and WordPress requires you to pay for everything you use, either may cost less depending on how you use it. For high-performing websites, WordPress can actually cost you more than the more expensive Squarespace plans.


WordPress is easy to use and can be used by anyone with the minimum of coding knowledge. However, since WordPress is open-source, people who can modify and configure the code to suit their needs can get the most out of it.

On the other hand, Squarespace is incredibly easy to use for everyone. You don’t even need the most basic coding knowledge to work with the Squarespace platform. Anyone can use Squarespace to build their website. However, the limited feature changes can be a nuisance for experienced developers. Therefore, Squarespace is ideal for people with little or no coding knowledge.


The interfaces used to set up websites with WordPress and Squarespace are very different.

On WordPress, you will have to use plugins and add-ons to make the interface more and more user-friendly. On-page editing is also difficult with WordPress because you’ll be setting up mostly one feature at a time. Maintaining a WordPress site is easier than setting one up, so you’re good to go once the site is set up.

As for Squarespace, you can easily do in-page editing as the interface is very user-friendly. It’s also fast, so you don’t have to worry about adding plugins and add-ons. There is a drag and drop editor and easily editable text and buttons on the page.


WordPress has been unbeaten when it comes to themes so far. There are over 9000 official themes available on the website, and there are many third-party theme providers, so there is no specific number of themes you can use. Of course, you will find something you are looking for!

On the other hand, Squarespace has very aesthetically pleasing templates, and there are almost 150 of them available right now. Squarespace templates are much easier to use, and anything you add to your website will blend seamlessly into the template. You can also use separate plugins to add sidebars and other missing features. Basically, it’s hard to mess up a Squarespace template.


Websites built on both WordPress and Squarespace are now easily scalable, meaning you can access them through your laptop, phone, tablet, or any other device. The page size easily adapts to the screen you are viewing it on. Some outdated WordPress themes may not offer this feature. However, the most frequent updates do.


E-commerce easily integrates with websites built with both platforms.

Squarespace templates offer e-commerce integration included in your monthly plan and are often easily navigated by the user.

WordPress offers many plugins that can help you easily integrate e-commerce into your website.

Therefore, both website platforms are equally reasonable and easy to use for online transactions.


There’s no clear winner when it comes to building websites from Squarespace or WordPress. Both platforms have their strengths, and which one you choose is entirely up to your skill level, needs, budget, and preferences.

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