What if social networks disappeared?

CAIRO – October 5, 2021: A sudden and unexpected outage of social media platforms Monday night hit the world, literally shutting down everything. Ten years ago, no one could have even noticed that something was happening, but after so many years of relying on social media in life, work, socialization and even education and research, six hours of social media outage, have caused the world a lot of money and raised even more questions.

According to the ‘statista’ website, in 2019 and 2020, the average daily social media use by internet users around the world was 145 minutes per day, up from 142 minutes the year before. Currently, the country with the most time spent on social media per day is the Philippines, with online users spending an average of three hours and 53 minutes on social media each day.

In comparison, the daily time spent on social media in the United States was only two hours and three minutes.

Placed at the top of all socializing apps, Facebook, launched in 2004 by one of the world’s richest people, Mark Zuckerberg, had an estimated 2.89 billion monthly active users in the second quarter of 2021.

Considered the world’s largest social network, Facebook, which also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, had a very bad day, dropping down to six o’clock. During those hours, people started to think of alternatives and find other ways to keep doing what they had to do, and have depended on Facebook to do it for years, or even alternatives to pass. their time away from social media.

And, can this blockage be a chance for a quick pause to ask, what if social media goes down for good and for all?

The newspaper returns

Despite all the reports and studies indicating that print newspapers were on the verge of dying, the lack of social media or [Alternative media sources] – the main reason why the world no longer needs print newspapers – could come back.

“This social media outage would really benefit us,” Nariman told ET. She added that “at least that would be the end of fake news and information, and we might even find ourselves having to buy the printed newspapers again to find out about the news.”

She believes social media has had a negative effect on children and teens, noting that “take a little break if that had been a good idea.”

Goodbye Vloggers

Being a Vlogger has become the dream job of anyone born into Gen Z. Forget about being a pilot, a doctor, or even studying economics or science. Apparently having a job with an average possible income of $ 70 million is a great motive.

According to a recent study published by The Sun, three-quarters of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed chose to become YouTuber as their most desired career.

The study showed that the Top Ten YouTubers earned over $ 70 million combined in 2017, but for aspiring YouTubers, money isn’t a primary, secondary, or even tertiary motivator. Money ranks fourth after creativity, fame and self-expression.

Although we cannot say that YouTube was exactly one of the social media websites. However, without social media, there is a lot of doubt that vlogging would have become so popular.

Back to books and cinemas

Reading books and watching movies could be the top thing that comes to your mind when you no longer have access to social media.

“I think books and movies would be the first thing that came to my mind if I couldn’t access social media,” Hanan told ET. She added that social media doesn’t require “free time” to use it. “You can scroll through social media while working, on the street or even in a meeting,” she explained.

On the contrary, watching a movie or reading a book needs a specific time, and cannot be done at the same time as other things, she concluded.

Out with friends

It’s true that social networks, and especially Facebook, have made us contact people we haven’t seen for years, but is that enough to maintain a healthy relationship with friends?

When used correctly, social media can improve your social life, but sending WhatsApp messages to your friends cannot replace contacting them every now and then.

“I stopped answering my friend’s messages when she hasn’t called me in a long time,” Heba told ET. She said she felt abandoned by her friend as she depended only on messages to reach her.

“I wanted to meet her, have a coffee and talk,” Heba said.

She added that many friends, especially from college, only depend on sending a few messages while on vacation, but rarely when one of them is thinking about a reunion, for example.

“Social media made us seem close, but in reality we really don’t know anything about each other”

Quality family time

How many times have your parents urged you to leave your cell phone and sit with them for a real, enjoyable conversation, or even to watch TV. Maybe if social media went down, this would be your real chance to get to know your family better and appreciate the time you spend with them.

Crafts and hobbies

So many things that can come to your mind if you have the time, an old hobby, or a craft that you want to learn. Saving the few hours you spend on social media every day of your time and energy and investing them in something else could get you somewhere.

“I have always loved painting,” Salma told ET. She said that as a mother and wife, she did not have the time to practice painting regularly.

However, “when social media collapsed, I was home alone and thought about painting again.” She added.

“I know social media wasn’t getting in my way, on the contrary, I love hearing people’s comments when I post new paintings on Facebook, but social media could be a real distraction to doing whatever you want. There are two sides, I believe. said Salma.

A real face-to-face socialization

Think about how people met before the emergence of social media.

People saw and met at clubs, cafes, school, work, outings with friends or even concerts. Adding someone to Facebook might not be the perfect way to get to know them.

Work applications for professional purposes

Well, there are some apps that have been designed with extra and special features to help people with their work, such as Slack, Trello, 15Five, and ClickUp.

Social media wasn’t designed to help employees connect with managers or coworkers, so now might be the time to start using the right apps, in the right way.

Emails are back

Email has always been known as the professional way of working. If you want something from your managers, you send them an email. If you want something from another department, you email them as well, but using emails instead of WhatsApp might be a temporary way to fix the problem.

Goodbye long vocal notes

A good question to ask; If you have something really important to say, why do you think sending a voice note of 15 minutes or more is a better solution than calling?

Saying goodbye to those very long vocal notes, could be one of the privileges of the disappearance of social networks.

Digital marketing is evolving

Digital Marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online digital technologies such as desktops, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

The demise of social media would seriously change the form of digital marketing science as we know it and change all the terms and ideologies that have appeared simply as a result of social media platforms.

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