What I will never take for granted at Disney again…

It’s hard to believe that the New Year is approaching again. It seems like yesterday we were all catching our breath and hugging each other as we jumped into 2021, a little relieved, confused and exhausted from 2020. Where did the time go? So much has changed in each of us, and so much has stayed the same, that as we head into 2022, we can all keep moving forward, learning, growing, and holding hands in our Disney community. We are a.

Our Disney parks have changed this year, things have reopened and many of us have been able to revisit. Those who weren’t can expect to return in 2022. We’re celebrating our golden 50th anniversaryand At Walt Disney World, we salute our brave friends from the Disney Cruise Line, we welcomed our friends from the Disney College Program and returning cast members, and we’ll see more things reopen as we move forward.

At Thanksgiving, we gave thanks and appreciation for people, events, and memories, and during our winter vacation, we felt blessed. This New Year, I wondered what I would never again take for granted in our Disney parks. While more of our special magic touches have opened this year and will continue to be offered as park guests, I appreciate some things I previously took for granted.

What’s there at Disney that you’ll never take for granted again? That you’ve seen leave our parks and resorts and enjoy more than ever? Here is my list of the top ten Disney “I’ll never take it for granted” that I will personally treasure as we celebrate our New Years:

A good meal outside: Sitting in a Disney restaurant, enjoying a moment of relaxation with friends or family inside a park or a resort restaurant, is happiness. From escaping Epcot in a different world to feeling like you’ve jumped into a storybook world in the Magic Kingdom, sitting down to a wonderful Disney-themed meal will never be taken for granted by me again. .

Characters: I really don’t need to be up close and personal to enjoy character watching. The mere thought of them wandering the parks is enough for me not to take these rich experiences for granted. As 2022 approaches, the New Year will bring even more characters to our Disney Parks with a daytime parade, live entertainment and new rides.

Annual Passes: Expecting something to always be available and not to be can be shocking. So when the Annual Passes came back, I didn’t hesitate to buy mine and I don’t take lightly the fact that I had the opportunity to buy one. Now it’s gone temporarily, but when they come back, we’ll appreciate the options they give us.

Cast Members: I took them for granted for many years. I was so busy in my “mom mode” watching my kids, still harassed by the demands of parents of kids that I didn’t look up and appreciate those around me at the parks who make this experience so unique. I don’t do that anymore. I let them know that I appreciate them and that I am present and attentive to my interactions and conversations with the actors. Lesson learned.

We: The people. At first it seemed “Wow, there’s no one in the parks!” I haven’t experienced this in 2020 for myself, but while I don’t want crowds, I love being with my fellow Disney Parks fans. It is the shared experience that is part of any special live event. I loved sitting on the Skyliner with strangers this year who offered to take their picture together, and they were thrilled that I offered. Welcome back, people!

The classics: For the 50and birthday at Walt Disney World, I realized that I was taking the classic attractions staring at me for granted. I ignored them for years. Why am I walking past the Enchanted Tiki Room? It reminds me that I should take time and value the elders.

Worker People:I can’t believe I’m putting this on my list, but the staff/cast members making our vacation is my second part of the cast member experience. The understaffing issues are a pandemic in themselves and when I see a Disney cast member, I appreciate that they lend a helping hand in efforts to end our staffing issues that plague us all in so many areas. of our life.

Originals: Whether it’s the new original song “The Magic is Calling” or The Mandalorian on Disney+, anything created with new content, I will never take for granted again. Something new and fresh is so hard to create these days, with shortages of everything and sickness for the past two years. It’s so exciting to me when something original is unloaded on our Disney rides. Sitting in a movie theater! I can’t wait for all the new arrivals in 2022!

Bob Iger: Oh my God, I said it. How I look back on his legacy and not take it for granted like I did before the new leadership at Disney. A strong leader who remembers that the company is only as good as the fans. Fans are the backbone of shareholders, investors and banks. We are lifting you all up. Bob Iger understood it because he was also a fan.

Finally, #10, I don’t take our Disney family for granted, the DIS disconnected, our Dreams Unlimited Travel agents, other contributors, friends on our community chats and forums, podcasters, YouTubers, pre- and post-production teams; you are all important and just like my real family that I never took for granted. Thank you and appreciate each and every one of you as we don’t know what 2022 will bring, but we know we will share it together.

Good year! Where will you go in 2022 thinking you’ll never take for granted again?

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