Walkthrough to Host WordPress 6.0 Contributors – WP Tavern

WordPress hosted a “one-of-a-kind event” this week via Zoom, where members of the 6.0 release team and core contributors gave a live presentation of the major features coming in the next release. The event was recorded and is now live on WordPress.tv and embedded below.

WordPress 6.0 is expected to include around 400 updates and 500 bug fixes. Lead Gutenberg Architect Matías Ventura led the next release tour, demonstrated how the style selector works, and discussed additional templates coming in version 6.0 (author, date, category, tag, taxonomy) , as well as the Webfonts API. It also showed how many editor improvements work, including cross-text multiple selection, quick link insertion, appendixes, consistent styling across buttons, and list view improvements.

The event was very casual, not a polished marketing style showcase. The contributors were transparent about the details still visible and gave viewers an idea of ​​where the project was headed and what they had in mind for future iterations of these features.

Over 120 people joined the broadcast for an interactive Q&A that ran through the walkthrough. The event was such a success that WordPress marketing team contributor Dan Soschin said he plans to make these types of live product demonstrations more frequent.

“Based on the positive experience of panelists and attendees, I believe it is possible that another walkthrough will take place closer to the release date and become a regular part of the communication cycle for future releases,” Soschin said.

“In future iterations, alternative platforms could be explored, such as a live streaming service so the event can be viewed on Youtube, for example. Future events could also be longer to allow for more discussion and exploration. of certain functionalities or be thematic to simply discuss certain areas of the project.

If you’re tracking specific features in 6.0, the Gutenberg team has a GitHub issue listing pending issues and blockers. There are currently no blockers in the way of the upcoming Beta 1, which is scheduled for April 12. There are a handful of must-have before RC issues and nine “nice to have” items. Check out Soschin’s recap post for links to all of these issues and a full chat excerpt and transcript from the event.

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