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For all online businesses, lead generation is a must. It is also essential to have a good mechanism in place to turn prospects into customers. Most businesses, on the other hand, fail to generate enough leads in the first place. And if you’re running a nonprofit organization, you need to generate leads. This will help you get more contributions and funding.

This article aims to generate high quality WordPress lead generation plugins that you use to grow your business faster. We don’t just publish a list of plugins that can do the same as other top direct marketing tool lists. Instead, we focus on lead generation in its entirety.

Getting the attention of potential customers is the essence of lead generation. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Generating leads on your website could mean that visitors:

  • Subscribe to your newsletter by email.
  • Create a communication or request form on your website and submit it.
  • Use live chat to contact someone in your company.
  • Chat with a chatbot (automated chat).
  • Call or schedule a call with your sales team.



Bloom would be the winner if it was a talent competition. It is an Elegant Themes plugin that you can get if you join the Elegant Themes membership. It will lead you to believe that it will be expensive, but it is not. As a result, for $ 89 per year, you get pretty much everything you need to build your website. For a one-time fee of $ 249, you’ll get lifetime access.

The Bloom plugin is a huge collection of beautiful types of optins. This can be used in various places on your website including sidebars and online blog areas.

  1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the world’s most effective lead generation tool. It includes pre-built models that have been proven to turn tourists into customers. You can use lightbox window, swivel bar, full screen welcome mat and other types of promotion to quickly grab the attention of visitors.You can display a relay message to every user of your site based on their location. geographic region, the origin of the recommendation, the page or section of your site they are visiting, and more, thanks to its powerful targeting and segmentation engine.

  1. Thrive Leads

This versatile lead generation plugin lets you create mobile-friendly forms, 2-step optins, and even widgetized forms that can be placed anywhere on your website. Thrive Leads has you covered when it comes to designing mobile-friendly forms. To improve the user experience for mobile device users, you can show or hide entire forms or only certain components. You can also customize the look of your mobile forms. Change the font, margins, button sizes, and more for any portable device imaginable – desktop, computer, and smartphone – and watch your conversions skyrocket.

  1. SeedProd

The best landing page builder is seedprod.SeedProd is the best WordPress web app builder. It helps you quickly create beautiful upcoming sites, generate traffic, and grow your mailing list.

If you are getting ready to start a new business online, a tomorrow opening page will help you make it a big deal for tourists. To generate leads, the plugin aims to produce upcoming accounts with an email sign-up form and social media links.

SeedProd is the most powerful WordPress plugin to come for the following reasons:

It offers pre-designed templates, color schemes, block templates, and font variations.

Email Marketing Integration: Allows you to receive emails using email service providers like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, CovertKit, and others.

Social Media Fans: You can increase your social media fans by using the social media buttons on your homepage. It also allows you to reward people who support your page and encourage them to do so.

  1. ConvertPro

ConvertPro is a WordPress plugin developed by Brainstorm Force, the same company that brought you the Astra theme.

You can use this plugin to create a variety of signup and call-to-action forms. Modal popups, slides, content modes, lightbox overlays, etc. are all examples.

It has several advanced targeting options. You can, for example, limit the appearance of these types of direct marketing to those originating from a particular location or unit. On your site, you can also include / exclude forms from various pages / taxonomies. The fact that some functions are modular makes this plugin even more useful.


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