Top 10 Cookie Consent Plugins for WordPress

Getting a domain and having the website designed is relatively easy. However, as the concept of data privacy gains popularity and privacy regulations are enforced, companies must start complying now or risk being fined by regulators or, worse, to damage their reputation.

Fortunately, the popularity of WordPress has prompted several companies to create cookie consent plugins that can simplify cookie consent compliance for websites hosted on WordPress. We have researched all the cookie consent plugins available on the WordPress Marketplace and compiled a list of the top 10 cookie consent plugins.

Securiti’s award-winning Cookie Consent solution is recognized in the WordPress developer community and is used by SMBs and enterprises. The WordPress plugin can quickly integrate into your development pipeline and helps automate compliance with global data privacy laws such as EU GDPR, California CPRA/CCPA, Brazil LGPD, Canada’s PIPEDA and over 20 other major privacy regulations.

Feature Highlights

  • Automatically scan websites for cookies at predefined times.
  • Features a fully customizable cookie banner to conform to your branding guidelines.
  • The solution is highly optimized for low latency page performance.
  • You can quickly integrate it into your development pipeline.
  • Dynamically display cookie banners in local languages.
  • Automatically block unwanted cookies.
  • Automatically update privacy notices.
  • Gather consent records and generate reports.
  • Reverse IP detection for global compliance.
  • Give your users a configurable preference center.
  • Geolocation-based cookie banner, language detection, IAB EU TCF v2.0 support and deployment assistance.

Rating: 5 stars
Price: Free and Premium ($45 per domain)
To corporate customers: yes

The Cookie Consent Notice is an all-inclusive GDPR, CCPA, and e-Privacy cookie notice and consent plugin. You can get visitor consent quickly with a fully customizable cookie consent bar on your website.


  • Customize the cookie message.
  • Set cookie expiration.
  • Redirects users to the specified page for more information.
  • Multiple cookie expiration options.
  • Ability to accept cookies while scrolling.
  • SEO friendly.

Rating: 5 stars
Price: Free
To corporate customers: yes

WebToffee’s CookieYes helps you make your site EU GDPR compliant. The plugin offers the opt-in and opt-out option on a cookie notification. Unless the user gives explicit consent, this plugin allows you to prevent all unnecessary cookies from the website.

Customization choices are available to match your website theme. For example, you can change the cookie bar color, content, and how the checkbox appears to users. You can also modify the text, style, positioning and other elements.


  • A fully customizable cookie banner.
  • Granular cookie control.
  • Consent Records.
  • Automatically blocks scripts.
  • Easy integration with multiple platforms.
  • Ability to create free legal policies.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Price: Free and Premium. Basic is $100/year, Pro $200/year, and Ultimate $400/year.
To corporate customers: yes

Cookiebot is another renowned cookie consent plugin to comply with GDPR and CCPA. It automatically manages cookies and trackers on a website. Cookiebot fully complies with the prior consent requirements of GDPR and other privacy laws.


  • Automated analysis and declaration of cookies.
  • Intuitive design and user-friendly interface.
  • Cross-border support.
  • Built-in “Do Not Track” setting.
  • Cookie consent banner and widget.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Pricing: Free (Maximum 1 domain) and Premium. Premium Small is $13, Premium Medium is $32, and Premium Large is $55.
To corporate customers: yes

Complianz is yet another cookie consent plugin for WordPress that includes a cookie notice and a custom cookie policy derived from the results of their built-in cookie analytics feature.

With Complianz, businesses can customize their cookie notice for each location, such as EU, UK, US, Japan, Brazil, and Canada, or use one cookie notice for all countries . In addition, cookies from external social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter can be automatically blocked.


  • Multiple regions supported in Premium.
  • Update legal information and cookies policy.
  • Looks for cookies and manages consent.
  • Ability to integrate with a variety of plugins and services.
  • Customizable cookie banner.
  • Multilingual support.

Rating: 5 stars Price: free and premium. Personal (1 website) costs $45, Professional (5 websites) costs $165, Agency (25 websites) costs $355.
To corporate customers: yes

GDPR Cookie Compliance is a simple and easy to use cookie compliance plugin for WordPress. It is editable and offers the possibility of customizing it according to the theme of the site. The plugin is available in 16 different languages ​​and claims to have exceptional support, allowing businesses to immediately comply with many data privacy laws.

The plugin comes with awesome cookie banner templates that are fully responsive, and to enhance the appeal of your cookie banner, you can change the animation effects.


  • Ability to accept or decline cookies.
  • Possibility to link the privacy policy.
  • The cookie consent banner can be customized.
  • Built-in settings to facilitate cookie expiration.
  • Intuitive design.
  • Multilingual support.

Rating: 4.5
Price: The basic version is free. The Premium version starts at $49/year.
To corporate customers: yes

Termly has a dedicated cookie consent and compliance plugin for WordPress that takes care of all technology compliance issues for businesses. The plugin is fully automated but requires a Termly account to work. With its fully customizable cookie consent banner, you can change content, colors, translations, and more. Regional tracking allows cookie consent banners to be displayed in regions where required.


  • Fully customizable cookie consent banner.
  • Strategically displays consent banners in required locations.
  • Automatically searches for cookies and generates cookie descriptions.
  • Multilingual cookie consent banner.
  • Analyzes third-party scripts and blocks them automatically.

Rating: 4
Price: The basic version is free. Starter costs $10/website/month and PRO+ costs $15/website/month. You get 25% off if you make an annual payment.
To corporate customers: yes

The Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress allows you to add a stylish cookie consent bar to your website. You can use a simple editor to modify its content and layout before displaying it in various places.


  • Intuitive integrated designs.
  • Ability to customize the banner.
  • Flexibility to place the banner horizontally or vertically.

Rating: 4
Price: Cookie Consent is available for $20 with a standard Envato license, which includes six months of support and lifetime upgrades for one site.
To corporate customers: no

With an outstanding cookie consent banner, EU Cookie Law enables you to comply with EU Cookie Law and CCPA. The plugin is able to automatically restrict scripts before approval. It can also prevent embeds, iframes and other scripts from collecting cookies. The plugin is lightweight, allowing you to customize the cookie pop-up locations, as well as the message wording and backdrop.


  • Customizable headband (color, position, channels).
  • Ability to give consent without hindrance.
  • Set your page, popup or custom URL for the cookie policy.
  • Multilingual and compatible on several platforms.
  • Automatically blocks cookie scripts, iframes, etc.
  • Set cookie expiration.

Rating: 3.5
Price: Free
To corporate customers: no

Legal Pages includes over 25 pre-designed legal templates, so you won’t have to waste time creating your legal page. With the convenience of adding legal pages to your website through seamless integration, it is considered one of the most suitable cookie consent plugins. The plugin offers multiple cookie bar display locations and cookie styles, allowing you to customize how cookies are displayed.


  • Several predefined legal templates.
  • Easily submit your consent.
  • Several cookie bar display positions.
  • Ability to customize cookie banners and messaging.

Rating: 3.5
Price: Free and Premium. The premium version costs $27 per site.
To corporate customers: no

Which cookie consent plugin for WordPress is right for you?

When making your decision, carefully assess your business needs and make sure you fully understand all the features of the plugin. The plugin with the widest global coverage is usually a good choice.

For example, if you are a US-based business – as your business grows, you might have customers from EU (GDPR) countries that have their own cookie consent requirements. Your organization will also need to comply with the GDPR. Having a cookie consent solution that can comply with multiple global regulations is essential.

Other things you might want to consider are:

  • The provider’s expertise in data privacy solutions: does it offer other solutions such as consent management or DSR enforcement?
  • Their ranking on the annual report of Gartner or Forrester.
  • Any awards or recognition they may have received from G2, Forrester, RSA, etc.
  • Integrations – is it easy to integrate these plugins into your existing data pipeline.

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