“The most flexible default theme ever for WordPress” – WP Tavern

Twenty Twenty-Two, the new default WordPress 5.9 theme, was unveiled today on WordPress.org. The design is going full steam ahead to support full site editing and new customization capabilities.

Like its predecessor, Twenty Twenty-One, the new default theme makes bold design choices around a central theme. In this case, it’s all about bird illustrations, complemented by Source Serif Pro for the titles, and a delicious array of designs for endless combinations.

Image Credit: Introducing Twenty-Two

The theme will be developed on GitHub until it is ready to be merged into the kernel. Kjell Reigstad, a full-time Automattic sponsored design contributor at WordPress.org, leads the design with Jeff Ong leading the development. In the ad, he places high expectations for users to make the theme their own.

“With the advent of full site editing and global styles, themes are changing structurally and functionally to allow far more possibilities for customization than users expected in the past. ” said Reigstad. “To take advantage of these new capabilities, Twenty Twenty-Two was designed to be the most flexible default theme ever for WordPress.

In addition to the wide variety of patterns expected for this theme, Twenty Twenty-Two will offer a vivid selection of six preset color palettes. Reigstad shared a video preview of how they instantly change the character of the theme. (see below) Combine that with the promise of being able to manipulate all aspects of the theme’s appearance across overall styles, and users will be in for a treat with WordPress 5.9.

“Twenty Twenty-Two will take advantage of an extensive network of page templates, headers, footers and other templates so that users can easily make the theme their own. ” said Reigstad. “In another nod to the behavior of birds everywhere, these will offer a balance between pleasure and utility: some are irregular and unpredictable, while others are simple and traditional. Together, these patterns will act as a window into all the possibilities offered by the theme. “

Twenty Twenty-Two design preview received a very positive reception Twitter comments and in the comments of the ad. Many users were delighted to see a default theme that can be quickly transformed for so many applications. Too many default themes were only applicable to a small set of use cases. In the past, users had little hope that they could change things up to make the design meet their needs. The relentless progress of the block editor and full site editing has made Twenty Twenty-Two the most user-friendly default theme in WordPress history.

Reigstad said the theme will be “designed for full site editing first,” with as little CSS as possible and all theme styles configurable through theme.json wherever possible, so users can edit via Global Styles.

“Twenty Twenty-Two is designed with the recognition that its default appearance is not most people’s endpoint,” said Reigstad. “Everyone deserves a truly unique website, built on a solid, well-designed foundation, and Twenty Twenty-Two aims to help them achieve that. “

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