Test: beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X and M 90 Pro X pickups

By Dan Nicholls

Syntec | RRP AU $ 369 (M 70 Pro X), RRP AU $ 439 (M 90 Pro X)

When beyerdynamic announced the release of its highly anticipated Pro X line of headphones and microphones, it mattered for a number of reasons.

Given the brand’s solid reputation as a supplier of everything to do with transducers in the professional space, from their highly regarded and highly regarded live instruments and mics to their defining popularity in the broader headphone market, few Manufacturers were also poised to enter a relatively consumer-centric world of content creation, with both their integrity and professional heritage intact.

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Hats off to beyerdynamic, who has managed to enter the content creation market on their own terms, maintaining the same uncompromising approach to R’n’D and audio quality that has made the brand such a name. confidence in professional electroacoustics and its distillation. in their most accessible range yet, a range of premium, moderately priced headphones and microphones designed for everyday use.

The new beyerdynamic Pro X series has been designed from the ground up, and the result is one of the most versatile and malleable products on the market in terms of intended application and ease of use, both for content creation. only for professional music and broadcast sources.

While the Pro X Series 900 and 700 headphone models offer clear control in both tracking and mixing (in addition to being a more than adept everyday headphone), the M 90 Pro microphones X and M 70 Pro X make it possible to capture natural images, detailed audio for creators of all disciplines. Much like the yin-yang approach to the open and closed earbud profiles, the Pro X series microphones offer two microphones that contrast each other in functional design while sharing the same familiar aesthetic that characterizes the Pro X series.

Both pickups are made of high quality aluminum in a sleek and minimalist matte black housing that exudes class and professionalism. A durable steel mesh grille provides protection for the internal components and, like the series headphones, the microphones are made up of replaceable components, enabling environmentally friendly performance for years to come. With only 296 grams for the M 90 Pro and only 320 grams for the M 70 Pro, they inspire confidence without introducing the problem of the dreaded sagging of the microphone holder. Both mics come with a pop filter to reduce sharp plosives and an elastic suspension microphone mount to actively minimize unwanted noise due to physical movement and mechanical vibration. Pair one of these mics with one of the Pro X series headphones, grab a microphone stand and audio interface, and you’re in production.

The M 70 Pro X is a dynamic, speech-optimized mic for podcasters, streamers, and those creating content on the go. The M 70 features cardioid polar pattern to record assertive and intelligible sound even in harsh recording environments and maintains consistent clarity over a wide range of performance distances thanks to a finely tuned proximity effect. It’s ready to capture the full range of speakers in this diverse era of content production. The frequency response captures audio from 25Hz (in the case of a close mic vs. 40Hz in the case of a one-meter mic) up to 18kHz, with slight peaks at 4kHz and 8kHz to enhance clarity and voice details.

In use, we have found the M 70 Pro X to excel at recording crisp, present lyrics in a home studio, with impressive off-axis rejection properties that make it a great choice for anyone operating in an environment. less than ideal recording. Its lightweight, front-facing design makes it a great plug and play option for mobile recording applications, allowing you to use it where it suits you best, instead of having to build your ergonomics around the limits of your microphone. . The fact that it eliminates much of the ambient noise in the room favors its use for streamers and vloggers looking to keep vocals hi-fi and detailed without capturing unwanted keyboard and motion noises or podcasters who have. an exaggerated tactile performance style, like comedians.

The M 90 X Pro is a condenser microphone created to capture the subtle details of vocal performance or delicate instrumentation capturing audio from 20Hz to 20kHz. With a true 34mm condenser capsule and low signal to noise ratio, it shines in studio applications where precise and intimate recordings are the goal, or for voice over artists looking for a solution to highlight the rich presence of a vocal performance in treated spaces. The minimal design does not feature a filter or high pass buffer, focusing on capturing a full spectrum recording and leaving the acoustic shaping to other studio equipment.

Testing the M 90 Pro X in the studio produced a natural and open capture, perfect for providing maximum flexibility in mixing. The captured vocals were crisp and precise, allowing final touches such as accentuating the breath or building up a medium to low heat to be made at other stages of the signal chain. A small adjustment in the signal was very important, leaving the distinct impression that there was a lot of detail to be worked on. The close-up shot had an intimate and almost cinematic quality, underscoring his aptitude for voiceover work and without having a cello on hand to test out its use for stringed instruments, his sensitivity inspires confidence in a wide variety of applications. instrument recording.

As their names suggest, both mics fall firmly into the professional use category, while their affordability dictates that they hit a sweet spot for content producers looking to skip more entry-level options. range. Both mics exceeded their weight in performance, delivering professional-grade, low-noise capture that excelled in civilian-style recording setups. The M 70 Pro in particular had a pleasantly simplistic functionality, with its impressive tolerance to plosives and its tendency to minimize diaphragm distortion, while the M 90 Pro had that precise, high-end sparkle that you tend not to hear. than in equipment of a certain price. point (at which the M 90 is still much cheaper than), making it a very good investment, especially for voice applications.

In summary, the Pro X series continues to impress, offering flexible recording tools for a myriad of content creators and modern music workflows, while providing the optimum balance between investment and performance. Expect the beyerdynamic M Pro X microphones to emerge as a staple in home and business studios soon.

Check the beyerdynamic website for more information or to purchase the M 70 Pro X or M 90 Pro X.

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