Take a look at the impressive Huawei audio lineup – a good investment

While we know Huawei through its portfolio of innovative smartphones, the company is now making a name for itself as a respectable audio brand through its new True Wireless Audio family.

Huawei has always been a company that challenges the industry to reconsider what is possible with our devices and has led to innovation.

She has developed a habit of offering products that appeal to different customers, meet their needs and suit their lifestyles and routines.

The new Huawei audio family includes a range of impressive products that look great, sound great, and bring customers closer to the content that is important to them while delivering outstanding quality and peak battery performance.

The range includes FreeBuds 4i, FreeBuds Pro and FreeBuds Studio.

Each of these audio products is targeted to meet the needs of a wide variety of listeners with different budgets, different tastes and different needs.

The FreeBuds 4i, priced at $ 159 (or the promotional price of $ 139) are the perfect option for customers on a budget but still want the true wireless experience and much higher audio quality. at its price.

The FreeBuds Pro, priced at $ 329 (or the promotional price of $ 263) are designed to find a place for the business elite and those with an eye for fashion and design.

For audiophiles, hi-fi enthusiasts and professionals alike, the FreeBuds Studio headphones (priced at $ 499) are the perfect fit.

All products are available from: Huawei Experience Store World Square, Chatswood, Hurstville, Huawei Amazon Store and MobileCiti.

One thing Huawei’s groundbreaking audio products have in common: They provide every Australian with a fully integrated and intelligent experience.

Here’s a more in-depth look at each of the Huawei audio products.


When it comes to offering quality and value and excellent value for money, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i stand out.

The integrated 10mm dynamic coil driver and responsive polymer composite diaphragm deliver clear and rich harmonies, precise vocals and solid bass that come together in a finely balanced sound that will give listeners a truly emotional response.

It’s hard to believe that headphones at this price point also include active noise cancellation with built-in sensors that can actively detect and reduce ambient sound to keep you focused on your music or content despite your surroundings.

On the design side, the FreeBuds 4i have streamlined curves and a highly polished finish for a modern look that stands out.

They are available in Ceramic White or Carbon Black and come with an oval shaped charging case that is both compact and original.

Pairing FreeBuds 4i devices with Huawei’s EMUI system, the FreeBuds 4i, is as easy as opening the case, which will display a prompt on your smartphone to initiate connection.

From there, the headphones will automatically connect to your phone or tablet as soon as you open the charging case.

All other devices can also easily pair Huawei earphones through bluetooth settings.

Another strong feature of the Huawei FreeBuds 4i is the remarkable battery life.

Huawei has always offered incredible battery performance with its products and it brought this intelligence to these headphones which can play music for 10 hours continuously on a full charge.

It also has fast charging technology to give you 4 hours of audio enjoyment from a simple 10 minute charge.

This is ideal if you’re in a rush but still want to have your FreeBuds 4i by your side for your run or commute.

Available from: Huawei Experience Store World Square, Chatswood, Hurstville, Huawei Amazon Store, and MobileCiti.


These sleek FreeBuds Pro are available in three different colors to match your style, starting with the sleek and bold Frost Silver with a subtle metallic sheen, or the sleek and understated Ceramic White for added sophistication or the classic carbon black to match. on all occasions.

But FreeBuds Pro not only look good on trend, they sound great as well.

On board is hybrid active noise cancellation technology that uses inward and outward facing microphones to detect residual noise out of here and into the ear.

Then, dynamic pilots come into play to generate an accurate anti-noise signal and achieve up to four 40 db1 noise cancellation effects.

The result is tranquility and purity.

And because the Huawei FreeBuds Pro can intelligently recognize ambient sounds, it can also change the noise canceling mode for a more suitable listening experience.

The headphones deliver powerful and dynamic sound so you can enjoy your music as if you were in a crowd at a concert.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro also offers high-quality wireless recording so that whatever you can hear is authentically reproduced, making it the perfect device for keen vloggers.

On the battery side, a single charge without noise cancellation provides up to 8 hours of listening with up to 36 hours with the charging case.

You can also use your smartphone or tablet to charge the case when you’re on the go.

Available from: Huawei Experience Store World Square, Chatswood, Hurstville, Huawei Amazon Store, and MobileCiti.


If it is high resolution sound, then you are looking for the Huawei FreeBuds Studio thanks to a hi-fi level audio chip and professional acoustic components.

The headphones offer an ultra-wide frequency response of 4 Hz to 48 kHz, which can reveal the intricate details of high-resolution music.

The FreeBuds Studio headphones offer a superior noise canceling system that can switch from active noise cancellation and hear and call noise cancellation.

These features are powered by the many integrated smart chipsets and sensors.

The intelligent multi-scene perception system, consisting of the IMU sensor and microphone system, performs the scene detection calculations 100 times per minute.

In this way, it can automatically adjust the cancellation mode in different environments for a more suitable and comfortable active noise cancellation experience.

Call noise cancellation is aided by the six-microphone array – consisting of four outward-facing microphones to lift human voices out of background noise using beamforming technology plus two more forward-facing mics. ‘interior to collect the voice in the ear and avoid strong wind interference.

The six microphones work together in a sophisticated system to ensure crystal clear calls.

The headset can also be used for gaming and, thanks to its low latency gaming mode, the sound, picture and action or all synchronized with precision.

Under the hood, the excellent wireless audio encoding algorithm can reduce signal latency to give you a breathtaking and immersive gaming experience.

And again, the battery performance is second to none with a single charge providing up to 24 hours of listening time with ANC turned off.

Users enjoy 20 hours of playback with ANC enabled, which means you can enjoy your favorite music on a long flight.

If you ever find yourself without power, a 10 minute quick charge will allow you to listen to music for an additional 8 hours with the ANC turned off.

Available from: Huawei Experience Store World Square, Chatswood, Hurstville, Huawei Amazon Store, and MobileCiti.

Audio is a special and valued area of ​​technology. It is aimed at both men and women of all ages with varying tastes and styles.

The Huawei audio family demonstrates that the company has developed a product line to meet the needs of the modern customer, regardless of budget or musical taste.

To view the full Huawei audio lineup, visit www.huawei.com.au.

This article was sponsored by Huawei Australia

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