SB19’s Supreme Reign

A flashback never packed that kind of punch and we have Pinoy Pop Royalty SB19 to thank for their latest song, “Wyat” or “Where You At.”

The song not only sends out the groove and disco vibes, but the message of staying connected in these troubled times also strikes a chord with you without the mush and blushing red cheeks.

The majority of fans are screaming with joy and kilig because of the nostalgic backdrops of the videos produced by SB19 Pinuno Pablo Nase and his brother Josue.

Nostalgic video settings bring “kilig” to SB19 fans

The 1950s vibe in the restaurant scene and attention to detail is most evident in Ken Suson and Josh Cullen Santos’ outfits, hair, milkshakes and James Dean-esque visuals. Not only will one get the decadence and all the fun that dominated the 70s and 80s, but it will also make you feel that very special bump, grind and swag courtesy of Stell Ajero plus the whirls and hops of Santos on skates. casters.

Justin de Dios looks like the rich kid we covet from afar. And then the arcade segment, with its trippy machines and neon lights, and the electric energy that only this Filipino quintet can release.

“Wyat” has received so much love from screaming fans since its release on September 2. It is number one on the iTunes chart of the Philippines, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, it topped three charts, specifically All Genre, Pop, and Dance/Electronic. It ranks #1 in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates and #15 on Canada’s iTunes chart and #2 in Antigua and Barbuda.

Pablo, Josh, Justin, Ken and Stell are on the cover of Tidal’s New Arrivals: Global Pop playlist – another massive international moment for our Pinoy “yabang” in a great way.

The official music video has already amassed almost a million views since its premiere on YouTube and the numbers are adding up every minute. In most major streaming platforms, they allow us to connect with each other, and the forever pop song gets the appreciation and streams it deserves.

Let’s not even go to the video reactions of local and international music vloggers who are universal with their praises for SB19’s freshest anthem.

Moreover, the group’s feat gets the support of OPM icons, namely Ogie Alcasid and Dingdong Avanzado. Even the millennial bomb Sanya Lopez digs the song. Thanks and congratulations to all A’TIN fandoms around the world. They are doing their part to ensure that Mahalima’s new song will get massive exposure on all major social media sites and streaming platforms. Truly, the A’TINs are the wind under the wings of Nase, Santos, De Dios, Suson and Ajero.

Another major factor of the song is its danceable tempo and easy-to-remember lyrics. Hearing it for the first time inspires the listener to get up, dance and sing along with these male wonders.

What’s next for SB19? The already sold out concert at Araneta Coliseum is a strong indicator that they have fans and supporters with fantastic buying power as tickets for the one night only shindig sold out within 24 hours.

The P-Pop Kings phenomenon is unstoppable, especially now that big brands have seen their power and value not only in raising awareness of their brands, but also in generating revenue. For now, they are the faces and ambassadors of a chain of pizzas, electronic money, donuts and computer products.

“Where You At” sends out groove and disco vibes while reminding listeners to stay connected during tough times

World domination is not just a dream as it is truly manifesting and will happen in Singapore, USA, UAE and more. For SB19, the flag bearer of this republic of world-class Filipino talent, your reign in pop music is definitely supreme! Cheer!

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