Persona 6’s high school setting can be very different than what fans are used to

Persona 6 has the opportunity to tackle a few modern themes that previous installments haven’t explored to their fullest depth.

the Character the franchise’s 25th anniversary falls in 2021, and while Atlus has been fairly quiet so far, fans are still hoping there are big Character news on the horizon. After all, Atlus announced some big plans for this high school JRPG franchise last year. Rumors about a Persona 5 fighting game is still circulating. A spinoff like this would seem perfectly appropriate to celebrate Characteras well as the entry which has dramatically increased the popularity of the franchise, but there is no sign of the game yet. Another title that some fans believe could be announced this year is Persona 6, that would open the door to another new era of Character.

Strictly speaking, Atlus hasn’t even confirmed that Persona 6 is on its way, but it seems likely that it is at some stage of development, if not imminent release. At the very least, Atlus must plan Persona 6 to some extent, by analyzing the success of Persona 5 and looking for new themes to explore in the next game. Persona 6 Focus on a “modern” high school like games traditionally do, then there are definitely some interesting and relevant themes the game could look into. Character fans could get a new game that is much more focused on tech, social media, and online personalities than ever before.

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Persona’s relationship with technology

Character already makes frequent use of technology. Persona 4 wouldn’t be possible without the televisions the protagonists use to enter the Midnight Channel. Likewise, the phantom thieves’ heists in the Metaverse are made possible by smartphone navigation apps that open gateways to palaces and memories. Persona 5 puts an extra emphasis on technology thanks to Futaba Sakura, the master hacker of the Phantom Thieves. An entire arc of the game is devoted to the threat that the Medjed Pirate Party exposes the identity of the Phantom Thieves, and it’s only resolved when Futaba hacks Medjed instead to rout the threat. Character has never been afraid to make technology relevant.

We wonder if Persona 6 however, will rely more on technology. If Atlus sticks to high school, then the focus could be more on technology in school and how it affects the lives of the protagonists. Online interactions with other students may be more frequent than interactions during school. Computers or the internet itself could be the gateway to the world of Personas and Shadows this time around, with protagonists using a cryptic search engine to delve into specific parts of that other world. If Atlus goes for a darker theme, a story about surveillance or tech addiction could come to the fore. Personality 6. Maybe Atlus could find a new twist on his ideas in Forwards Persona 5 and study how the supernatural forces and the Internet might mix.

The Potential of Social Media in Persona 6

Mishima from Persona 5 Royal

Social media would be a really rich area for Persona 6 to focus on. Persona 5 already used social media thanks to Mishima’s Phansite for Phantom Thieves, but this forum is only a slice of the internet. Atlus could cast a wider net by putting social media in the spotlight, involving facsimiles for Facebook, Instagram and others in the plot. After all, these sites are very popular and influential with high school students. It would be interesting to see Atlus explore how social media affects the way teens see themselves in a Character Thu.

Character is a franchise about identity at its core. The Persona of each protagonist represents their true selves and their inner will. It is only when they accept the deeply held ideals of the Persona that Persona users unlock the incredible powers that these beings allow them to wield. Social media is often criticized as a place where people present false identities and live to impress others, so Persona 6 could easily explore this area to some extent. The protagonists could face the social pressure that comes from being on social media and struggle longer with their identity. A digital velvet room presented in the same way as a blog or Twitter feed could also be a good way to represent the creation of new Personas with Igor’s help.

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Persona and the power of the Internet

Persona 5 Strikers Sophie

A specific type of Internet user who could become the first Persona 6 is the social media influencer. Forwards Persona 5 already affected in this area thanks to the mysterious EMMA application at the heart of the game’s plot and several of the Jail Monarchs that use it. Alice, the first antagonist of Persona 5 forwards, is a particularly good example of a social media influencer using the Persona world through social media. Persona 6 could come back to this idea but look at it from another angle. To be precise, Persona 6 could focus more narrowly on how high school kids react to influencers and how that would define the protagonist’s school life.

While online personalities are becoming a central part of Persona 6the plot of, they could serve as antagonists similar to Persona 5the Tokyo-based villains. However, they could play a unique role by interacting with the characters in the game via the internet exclusively. Real-life influencers, from Twitch streamers to YouTube vloggers, have a big influence on the lives of young people, so Persona 6 might choose to explore what happens when these kinds of people abuse their power. Persona 6 would have compelling and relevant antagonists if he pitted the player character against fictional internet personalities corrupted by greed and pride who manipulate young people through their platform. Such people could have knowledge and control over the Shadow world, leading to a secret war between Persona users and celebrities online.

Granted, Atlus might not want to focus on the internet due to Persona 5. He’s already touched on a lot of these ideas, both in the original Persona 5 and in the high-action spin-off Forwards Persona 5. However, these games certainly did not explore the breadth and breadth of Character‘s potential relationship with the Internet and modern technology. Considering the importance of being true to oneself in the Character games, that would be great to see Persona 6 reflect more deeply on the impact of the Internet on one’s identity and find new ways to relate aspects of modern culture to supernatural forces. Character is intellectual property full of potential, so it’s no surprise that fans are so desperate to hear what Atlus has to say about it in 2021. If Persona 6 is really what he intends to talk about this year, so it will be interesting to see what themes lie at the heart of the new game.

Persona 6 is rumored to be in development.

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