People are seriously divided over this ‘depressing’ children’s toy

Love them or hate them, vloggers are now an integral part of our culture. We’ve all seen videos on YouTube and other social media services of normal people filming and sharing moments in their lives, from trips abroad to shopping in supermarkets.

Vlogging has even become a lucrative career for ordinary people who only need a camera and ring light to entertain millions of people around the world.

However, social media was unprepared when a Twitter user found a children’s toy inspired by the ‘vlogging kits’ used by real-life vloggers.

People are divided after spotting a children’s ‘vlogging kit’ toy (Photo credit: Pexels)

Many children’s toys are inspired by actual careers in industries such as medicine, food, construction, and customer service for children to take on the role of doctors, nurses, chefs, builders, or working in a supermarket checkout.

And it looks like we can now and vlog this list.

Twitter user Dylan Viner discovered the miniature vlogging set and wrote, “It’s depressing on so many levels.”

It seems many Twitter users agree, with the original tweet receiving 78,000 likes and over 6,300 retweets.

The wooden toy comes with a fake ring light and a camera as well as a small microphone. It costs $ 50 (£ 36.55) and was found at the Little Swings Park Slopes toy store in Brooklyn, New York.

The tweet surprised a lot of people and started a debate as to why such a toy is “depressing”.

A Twitter user criticized those who described the toy as depressing, writing, “Oh no, as a depressing kid might want to play at being super creative and communicating quickly, give them a fake gun instead.”

Some Twitter users said the toy could be a bad influence (Credit: Pexels)
Some Twitter users said the toy could be a bad influence (Credit: Pexels)

Likewise, another Twitter account said people should stop protecting kids from tech careers. “So, are we claiming that content creator is not a valid profession now? ” they wrote.

“This idea that we have to protect children from technology is madness [endeavour] and ignore the obvious trends we see in culture. Attach yourself to people – especially if you are currently uncomfortable … “

A Twitter user shared a photo of a Fisher Price McDonald’s drive-thru with a visor and helmet and called it depressing. Nonetheless, this tweet has also led to a debate as to why role-playing as a McDonald’s employee is considered “depressing.”

“What’s wrong with working at Mcd’s?” One person replied. “At least you’re learning something there.

Many people have championed the toy (Credit: Dylan Viner / Twitter)
Many people have championed the toy (Credit: Dylan Viner / Twitter)

After one account wondered why the toy was “depressing,” another commenter replied, “Children shouldn’t aspire to be vloggers. The whole culture of influencers and the like is toxic and only breeds the worst. human traits. “

Likewise, one commentator wrote: “The problem is that social media breeds vanity. Kids today want to be influencers purely based on the projected lifestyle of being rich, famous and being able to do it from their bedroom, instead of wanting to create something. or have an outlet to express yourself. “

However, other Twitter users saw no issues with the toy. “How is that worse than kids who aspire to be, say, a TV presenter or an actor? The only problem is the price,” one man joked.

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