Now Maharashtra announces its own masters competition

With the aim of showcasing the rich food heritage and exploring the land of Maharashtra through its regional cuisine, the Tourism Directorate organized a video recipe competition – ‘MaharashtraChe Masterchef’

The contest started on July 11 and will remain open until August 11.

The competition is open to everyone in India and abroad, and there is no entry fee to participate.

To participate, the participant must upload a video presenting the cooking recipe. Video length should be between 30 seconds and 15 minutes.

Valsa Nair Singh, Principal Secretary, Tourism Department, Maharashtra Tourism, said: “We have taken steps to promote Maharashtra culture and heritage. But this time, we are focusing on Maharashtrian cuisine, because it is just as rich. The taste of Maharashtra deserves to reach different parts of the world.

During the competition, creative minds will be able to use their cinematic skills, food innovation, and more. to showcase their talent.

Dr Dhananjay Sawalkar, Director of the Tourism Directorate, said: “The competition was organized to introduce the world to the use of traditional ingredients, cooking methods, health benefits and the treasure of a cuisine. delicious and authentic Maharashtrian. This is a wonderful opportunity for all foodies, food vloggers and others to participate and earn the gratuity. I call on them to participate and reap the benefits.

Entrants will be judged by a panel of food experts and the winners will be selected on the basis of an innovative video shooting style, presentation of the food, regional Maharashtrian recipes, use of ingredients from the Maharashtrian and Health Benefits of Prepared Recipes.

Of all the contest entries, the top 15 will receive Rs 10,000, while 40 winners will receive Rs 5,000 each. In addition, 100 entries will receive a cash prize of Rs 2000. In addition, the department will issue a guaranteed certificate of participation to the applicants.

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