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A woman in white stands motionless like a ghost in the middle of Martin Road

Photo: screenshot FB/SG Road Vigilante

Did ghost month come early this year? A woman in white was caught on camera, motionless in the middle of the road. and SG Road Vigilante Facebook pages shared a video of the sighting on Tuesday July 26, noting that it happened along Martin Road.

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Letter to the Editor | SERS: It is best for HDB to inform the public through mainstream, alternative and social media so apartment owners are aware of housing policy changes


Dear Editor,

I refer to the comment, “STRIKES an increasingly delicate balance between apartment owners and the government”. (Today, July 14).

Some pertinent questions regarding the SERS (Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme) have lingered in the minds of many Singaporean households:

NOTICE | Importance of local flavors – From Hollywood and Nollywood to Bollywood, Kollywood and Malayalam Cinema!

Photo: FB screenshot/

One of the most interesting things Covid-19 did for me was turn me into kind of a Netflix junkie. Thanks to the limitations of where you can hang out, life is mostly about working, exercising, and trying to watch movies and various TV series.

Thanks to Netflix, I discovered “Nollywood”, which gave me an interest in all things African. For example, I’m suddenly fascinated by how the rich and powerful live on Banana Island in Lagos, Nigeria more than those in Beverly Hills. Following Nollywood movies has also made it more interesting to watch travel videos by vloggers like “Drew Binsky”.

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Temasek invests heavily in food tech companies amid global shortages

Global investment firm Temasek has been called the “best and most aggressive” agritech investor, with holdings ranging from an Israeli irrigation company to an Indonesian fish feed start-up.

A recent report says the public investor, worth more than S$400 billion, is “helping to avert a food crisis”.

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Food delivery boy rides MRT with e-scooter, netizens say leave him alone

A food delivery man seen on a personal mobility device (PMD) while on the MRT has raised concerns among netizens as to whether it was allowed or if he really needed to occupy the intended space to people with disabilities.

The video, uploaded to the Singapore Incidents Facebook page on Sunday July 24, showed the man on a three-wheeled PMD with a food delivery cooler bag. In the 15-second clip, the man was filmed dressed in socks and slippers as the train approached the Canberra MRT station.

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