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iThemes a acquired Kadence WP, the creators of Missoula Kadence blocks plugin and its support Kadence theme. Originally founded in 2008 as a theme company, iThemes has grown more of a plugin-focused business over the years prior to its acquisition by Liquid Web in 2018. The company is returning to its roots with this acquisition and plans to do so. from Kadence WP the official theme platform of choice for iThemes.

“It’s no secret that the ‘themes’ part of iThemes has been lacking for many years now,” said iThemes CEO Matt Danner. “Although we made our debut in WordPress themes in 2008, over the past 10 years we have focused on the most obvious needs of our customers (primarily WordPress security, backups, memberships and maintenance) as the theme market became more competitive.

Joining forces with Kadence WP means that iThemes can once again have an innovative and modern WordPress theme platform. “

iThemes announced that it will end its IThemes Builder Theme Framework and all of its themes inherited in 2022, in favor of supporting the Kadence theme, which already has more than 50,000 active installations. Danner said that older themes “are no longer fully compatible with the future direction of WordPress.”

Kadence blocks are even more popular than the accompanying theme, as they can be used in combination with any WordPress theme. The plugin gained over 100,000 users after its initial launch in August 2018. Kadence Blocks pioneered some of the first full layout blocks in early Gutenberg before its inclusion in the kernel.

“This past year has marked ridiculous growth for Kadence WP,” said co-founder Ben Ritner. “Only a year ago my sister Hannah (many users will know her from our support channels) and I were the entire Kadence WP team. It is difficult to gauge the number of users with any precision due to the sheer number of free products we have available, but the number of people using Kadence WP products has almost quadrupled in the last 10 months! Our new Kadence theme, which landed on the repo in November (just 160 days ago), now has over 50,000 active users. “

Kadence WP will continue to operate under its same brand and as a separate company under the iThemes brand. Prices will remain the same for existing Kadence WP customers. iThemes plans to increase prices for its agency bundle on May 1, 2021, but renewal rates will remain the same as long as customers’ subscriptions automatically renew.

Kadence Blocks will add dynamic content for its pro version next month. The team is also launching a new plugin called Kadence Cloud, which will allow users to create a predefined cloud of content that they can pull into any website. Kadence Blocks and Theme will also be incorporated into many of its community’s most popular feature requests. A major new version of the product is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021.

iThemes will host a town hall meeting Friday April 9 at 11:00 a.m. CST to answer any questions or concerns users and customers may have. They are also running an online training workshop called “Learn how to use Kadence WP»May 5, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. CST.


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