Immunis.AI Achieves Development Milestones and Additional Funding

Immunis.AI, Inc., an immunogenomics platform company developing non-invasive blood tests to optimize patient care, today announced the closing of additional funding bringing its total raised to $ 40 million to date for the ongoing development of its proprietary Intelligentia immunogenomics platform. The additional funding follows the successful completion of key development milestones, including three pivotal studies of the Intelligentia platform. The funding will further support the validation and commercialization of the company’s first molecular test in prostate cancer and will also be used to expand the development of new tests in breast, colon, lung and other cancers.

The Intelligentia Liquid Biopsy Platform enables a highly sensitive method for the detection and classification of early stage cancer and other diseases using a single blood sample. The platform is used to identify and interrogate novel disease-specific biomarkers as well as biomarkers indicative of the immune response to disease.

“Immunis has developed a platform that harnesses the power of the immune system, achieving powerful signal enrichment using proprietary methods and advanced machine learning,” said Harry Stylli, Ph.D., Executive Chairman of the board of directors of Immunis.AI. “With recent major milestones, the company is poised to fulfill its core mission of improving early detection and patient outcomes. ”

“We are grateful for the continued support of our investors, who share our enthusiasm for the potential of our proprietary immunogenomics platform to transform patient care paradigms,” said Christopher Thibodeau, President and CEO of Immunis.AI. “We look forward to releasing the results of our pivotal prostate cancer studies and proposing tests to better aid in the diagnosis and early treatment of patients, when there is the greatest opportunity for a cure. ”

The successful completion of milestones has triggered the last installment of new capital received in recent months and positions the company to capitalize on the strong performance of the Intelligentia platform, to develop new pan-Canadian cancer and disease surveillance tests. , and to further advance the commercial readiness of its flagship test for the active surveillance of prostate cancer. The financing was led by Savitr Capital, LLC with participation from existing investors and executives.

About Immunis.AI, Inc.

IMMUNIS.AI is a privately held immunogenomics company with a patented liquid biopsy platform that offers unique disease biology information and individualized assessment. The Intelligentia platform combines the power of the immune system, RNAseq technology and machine learning (ML) for the development of disease-specific signatures. This proprietary method uses the immune system monitoring apparatus to overcome the limitations of circulating tumor cells (CTC) and cell-free DNA (cfDNA). The platform improves disease detection at an early stage, to the point of immune breakout, when there is the greatest opportunity for a cure. For more information, please visit our website:

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