IMHO Envato Elements latest video shares the truth about the stock video service

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Envato Elements, a popular subscription service for stock footage, music, and images, was reviewed in the new IMHO Reviews video. It is part of a series of video reviews made on the channel. Previous videos discussed other stock footage platforms, such as Storyblocks and Motion Array.

“There are currently dozens of stock image services and each has its own advantages. However, Envato Elements remains the favorite among users. In our video, we decided to dig deeper and see if the platform is really as good as people say,” said IMHO Reviews owner Vitaliy Lano.

According to the video, an Envato Elements subscription which currently sells for $198 per year or $33 per month, grants members unlimited access to all stock footage, motion graphics, music, sound effects, graphic templates, photos, fonts. , video templates – including After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and Davinci Resolve, and WordPress themes and plugins in the library. The IMHO Reviews video explained that even though the company’s website claims that downloads are unlimited, there are several restrictions that users should be aware of.

“For example, you may not share your account with others, violate the fair use policy, or use bots. You should upload only files you intend to use instead of storing assets And yes, everything in the library is royalty free and can be used in personal and commercial projects, plus we’ve been asked a lot about what happens if a user decides to cancel their Envato membership. Elements has a pretty standard policy for this: anything downloaded and licensed before the end of the subscription can be used for the projects it was licensed for, however, users will not be able to download new content or use assets they uploaded before in all new projects,” Vitaliy shared.

The video looks at what platforms Envato Elements assets can be used on. This includes YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, with the only restriction being the use of music for live streaming on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, or for broadcast and TV. IMHO Reviews also mentions that it is allowed to sell physical products created with Envato Elements assets, such as t-shirts, when personalized or incorporated into a larger design.

Envato Market is another topic covered in the video. “Envato Market is a marketplace and many people often confuse it with Envato Elements. Envato Market sells high-quality items, but they don’t offer subscriptions. It’s a perfect choice for those who only need of a few articles and have a larger budget because it’s much more expensive Envato Elements, on the other hand, is a good option for content creators and freelancers who create a lot of content and need access unlimited access to digital assets without having to pay a lot of money,” Vitaliy said.

IMHO Reviews teams compared Envato Elements with similar subscription services in the video to give their viewers a better idea of ​​what to expect from each. They said that Storyblocks and Motion Array offer a good variety of assets, but Envato Elements offers a much larger library, higher quality articles, lower prices on monthly and annual subscriptions, and it’s the only service which has a free trial.

For more information about Envato Elements, its prices and free trial, watch the latest video from IMHO Reviews.


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