Hindustan Ambassador with 18 inch alloy wheels looks chic

Hindustan Motors and its Ambassador sedan hold a special place in India’s automotive history. It was the first car ever made in India and it quickly became a status symbol for many wealthy families and an official car for politicians and civil servants. Hindustan Motors stopped production of the Ambassador sedan in 2014. The Ambassador is still a popular car among collectors and we have seen several examples of well-maintained and resto-modified versions of this sedan. Here we have a Hindustan Ambassador that has been carefully customized to look classy.

The video was uploaded by Dajish P on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about the modifications and customizations that have been made to the car. The car seen here has been carefully customized by its owner. The owner has carefully modified the car without losing its character. Starting from the front, the Mark 1 grille with chrome surround was installed. The original headlights have been replaced with aftermarket projectors. The lower bumper has been restored and completely brought back to its glory.

Regarding the side profile, the original 15-inch steel wheels of this sedan have been replaced by 18-inch alloy wheels. The wheels along with the low profile tires completely changed the overall look of the car. There are fender flares and the overall side profile of the car remains the same. The car’s original ORVMs have been replaced with an aftermarket unit. It is an electrically adjustable and foldable unit with integrated turn signals. At the rear, the chrome bumper receives integrated reverse parking sensors and the original badges on the tailgate have been restored. There is a chrome trim around the tail light and another custom trim placed around the reverse light.

The exterior modifications of this Ambassador do not seem exaggerated. The car gets a modern touch without compromising the classic look of the car. As we move in, there are more customizations. The door trim on this Ambassador was borrowed from a Ford Figo. It was then customized to fit the sedan perfectly. The dashboard is a bespoke unit including the layout of the instrument cluster. The steering wheel is two-tone, and the center console of this sedan was borrowed from the Hyundai Terracan SUV. There is an automatic air conditioning unit. Aftermarket gear shift knob, infotainment touchscreen infotainment display that also displays 360 degree camera feed.

There are multiple layers of floor mats and the faux wood trim inserts on the dashboard give the car an elegant look. There is an armrest for the driver and behind there are storage spaces. Cloth seat covers are replaced with custom leatherette upholstery. The roof lining of this sedan has also been redone and the light-colored cabin is elegant. Just like the exteriors, the interior of this sedan is also a mix of retro and modern elements. Although this sedan has many customizations, the main attraction is undoubtedly the 18-inch wheels and low-profile tires.

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