Highest-paying K-pop idol YouTube channels, ranked

K-pop idols often have cult following and these stars monetize their fame in various ways.

The amount of money K-pop Idols is pocketing on their YouTube channel is enough to retire at an early age. Over five billion YouTube videos from around the world are viewed every day. The platform is even more popular these days, with users spending at least 40 minutes on average on YouTube sessions. YouTube is convenient and reaches many more people around the world thanks to the Internet, since millions of people around the world can easily access the site. Like Instagram and Twitter, YouTube is considered to be a major social media platform where all kinds of content can be streamed. Since YouTube derives its revenue from the content of its users and advertisers, it encourages user content by sharing the profits of the advertisers.

Different companies and personalities are using YouTube to earn extra money. Some personalities have even become famous thanks to YouTube; they are currently called Vloggers with different followers. With that in mind, other K-pop idols have also joined the YouTube platform to expand their popularity and gain YouTube views that they will get. Many celebrities have their channels where they post vlogs about their daily lives and even share behind-the-scenes clips of their clips. In August of this year, Forbes Korea released the list of the highest earning celebrities on their YouTube channels, and unsurprisingly, 16 of the 20 on the list are Kpop singers. Below are the highest paying K-pop idols.

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7 Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

With an estimated annual revenue of 1.1 billion Korean won, or approximately US $ 989,000, Big Hit Entertainment’s Tomorrow X Together (TXT) takes seventh place. Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT, has the same direction as the biggest boy group in South Korea, BTS. The group currently has 8.07 million, 874 downloaded videos with 551.4 million views. The boy group that only debuted in 2019 has five members and has always caught the attention of fellow Kpop fans. Two years after their debut, the group has already surpassed 10 million followers on TikTok, the third-biggest followers after BTS and Blackpink.

6 Aespa

SM Entertainment’s Vespa takes sixth place with $ 1.2 million. Aesop’s channel currently has 2.96 million subscribers and only 94 downloaded videos, generating 406.3 million views. The squad is considered to be the monster rookie squad that already excels right from the start, the most famous monster rookie squad is Blackpink. The four-member group is known for their hits Next Level, Stage and Black Mamba. They made their explosive debut in 2020 and, just a year after their debut, they have already won several awards, including Best New Artist at the Asian Pop Music Awards in 2020.

5 UI

IU takes fifth place with estimated revenue of US $ 1.4 million on its YouTube channel. Dubbed the Nation’s Little Sister, IU debuted in 2007 and has since captured South Korea’s hearts with its talents, sweet personality and stunning graphics. She has racked up 1.09 billion views on her YouTube channel, and that number continues to grow every day. It estimated annual revenues of 1.6 billion Korean won or the equivalent of 1.4 million US dollars.

4 Seventeen

The Seventeen group reportedly made $ 1.7 million, according to the Forbes Korea listing. The Kpop group has been making waves in South Korea since its debut in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. The group’s YouTube channel has 7.15 million subscribers and 951 videos with 2.3 billion videos viewed. The group made a promising start when they debuted as one of the monster rookie groups that had won three rookie awards in the same year they debuted. The group is currently one of the first groups in South Korea today.

3 Dream NCT

NCT Dream is also a group from SM Entertainment that debuted in 2016. The group is said to make $ 1.9 million a year from their YouTube channel. They currently have 4.18 million subscribers and 242 videos with a total of 459.7 million views. The group received the most attention on their channel with their videos featuring their subunits. Additionally, their channel consists of videos, including behind-the-scenes footage from their photoshoots, dance videos, vlogs, and more.

2 Black Rose

Blackpink takes second place with their annual revenues of US $ 11.6 million on their YouTube channel with not-so-surprising results. The group currently has 69.3 million subscribers and 395 videos with 20.9 billion views. The group is currently the number one girl group in South Korea and is invading the global market. They are among the most followed celebrities on all social media platforms. With various awards won by them, Blackpink captures the love of fans all over the world, which their YouTube channel views can prove.


From reading the title, anyone would have guessed that Big Hit Entertainment’s BTS would top the list with their $ 16.5 million in earnings on their YouTube channel. The highest paying YouTube vloggers have 60.9 million subscribers and 1,628 videos with 13.7 billion views. With their billions of views, it’s no surprise that they are earning so much in a year. The Kpop legend has taken over the world including the US market, so it’s no surprise that billions of people around the world are watching their videos. Their official channel, BangtanTV, is named after their group Bangtan Sonyeondan, which is called in South Korea. They usually upload videos of their interviews, vlogs, and creative content. As a result, their channel’s audiences skyrocket with much love from the global community.

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Sources: SCMP, BBC, People

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