Free WordPress Astra plugin updated with Gutenberg wireframes

Astra announced that its Starter Templates plugin is updated with the all new Gutenberg wireframes. This new feature allows editors and developers to quickly create web page mockups as part of the normal web design workflow.

WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg is the modern WordPress website builder editor.

The idea behind Gutenberg Editor is to take the coding part out of the web design process and make it easier for web editors and developers to build websites.

Why build with the Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg democratizes web development and allows publishers to spend less time coding and free up more time to focus on content creation.


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Another advantage of using Gutenberg is that websites created with the Gutenberg editor tend to be fast.

What is wireframing in web design

Wireframing is the web design process where the basics of what a web page can look like is created.

The wireframing stage of web design usually occurs after a large portion of the site goals, site navigation, internal linking, and SEO have been planned, but before any of the visual design choices have been made. / appearance and feel has been done.

At the wireframing stage, editors and designers determine what the basics of the home page, category pages, post pages, etc. will look like. on a page and all other considerations before the discussion turns to color schemes and other visual details.


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Astra’s wireframing is described like this:

“Creating the structure of any website before you start the design process… increases work efficiency, simplifies workflow, and helps you prepare for the final website design in less time.

Wireframing means having a basic structure of your web page like certain sections, their layout, image position, text position, etc. This gives you an idea of ​​how you can handle the content of any web page.

Free Astra Starter Templates Plugin

Astra Starter Templates is a free WordPress plugin that provides website templates for building a website.

The plugin allows an editor to mix and match web page elements to create the web page they have in mind.

An editor can import an entire website or use a mix of different templates to create a new website template.

With the latest update, editors can now create wireframe mockups of web pages using the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.

Starter Templates – Gutenberg Wireframe Blocks

The free Astra Starter Templates version 2.7.0 plugin allows editors to create wireframe web pages in the WordPress Gutenberg editor using Gutenberg blocks.

Editors and web designers can select different web page elements and simply drag and drop them into position to create the general outline of what the page should look like.

Once the Gutenberg blocks are in place and all stakeholders agree on the basics of the appearance of web pages, the design process can move on to the appearance phase.


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According to Astra’s official announcement:

“Usually you create wireframes on external platforms and then upload the designs to your website. Starter Templates offers ready-made wireframe blocks right in the Gutenberg editor, helping you avoid that extra effort.

Advantages of using wire blocks:

  • Provides a basic structure to start any website design.
  • Save time by creating a wireframe with an external tool or traditional pen paper
  • Simply replace the image, text and add colors in the wireframe to prepare the final website design in less time
  • Make web design smooth and effortless »

Updating Astra Starter Models

The latest version of the Astra starter models is 2.7.0 and it is the one that includes the Gutenberg wireframes.


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