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Marketing consultant Bridget Willard announced the first commercial content pack for her Launch With Words project. Last week, she posted a set of 12 blog posts for roofing contractors, but more are in the works for industry-specific content.

In January, alongside Ronald Huereca of MediaRon, Willard spear the plugin Launch with words. The original project supported a single “starter pack” of blog post drafts to encourage website owners to post something new each month to grow their brand. The plugin itself is primarily an importer.

For the developer crowd, Huereca has an article that covers the technical details of the project. It’s worth reading to see how he approached building the plugin.

The idea was unique. Willard had written starter content for the default Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Twenty WordPress themes. She then asked why no one was doing the same for the content of the articles. Thus, a new product was born.

The Roofing Content Pack is priced at $ 497. Companies can publish the articles directly to their sites or customize the content for their region.

Imported content is a set of 12 roofing industry specific blog posts, each a draft that users can post on their own schedule. Each is around 500+ words long and includes titles, links, and quotes.

Preview of a silly article.

“So many roofing contractors don’t answer questions frequently asked by homeowners,” said Willard. “These blog posts cover 12. Having turnkey content allows them to have more content to share on social media and help their SEO efforts.”

She’s been writing about the construction industry for over 20 years, so it was an easy place to start. The challenge was to create this first pack while releasing two new books and struggling with client work. With things calming down a bit, she thinks monthly pack releases are a more realistic target.

Future content and starter packs

Willard is already working on a new content pack that focuses on general contractors, which she could split into two products between residential and commercial. She plans to have at least one loan by the end of the month.

The long term goal is to hire other writers to cover areas where she has less knowledge. First of all, she needs a few more sales to get other people on board.

She can also create industry specific blog prompts similar to the starter pack which is available for free. These would also come at a lower price of around $ 97.

“The starter pack (blog prompts) are not mutually exclusive with the premium packs,” said Willard. “They can be used together. Ideally, they should be used together. Because content packs are JSON files and posts are imported as drafts, they can be written (prompts) or localized (premium) and scheduled. It’s the best of both worlds.

Writing, writing and more writing

“Writing is the way I can teach and build on my heritage,” Willard said. “It is very important to me to create a life worth living. Unfortunately, I discovered it after a mental health emergency in February 2020. ”

His most recent book is The Only Online Marketing Book You Need For Your Nonprofit, co-written by Warren Laine-Naida. Adrian Tobey, the founder of, also contributed an additional chapter.

“You can’t create unless you consume,” Willard said when asked how she maintains her creative momentum and momentum. “I prioritize reading fiction and non-fiction, watching documentaries, walking around my neighborhood, going alone to a museum or a park to think and reflect and spend time with my friends laughing and playing card games.

“The best thing for a writer to do is write. Don’t worry if other people have spoken about your topic. Don’t worry about what people will say. That’s why we love WordPress. Start posting.

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