Disney is removing luxury amenities from resort rooms due to budget cuts

I have never stayed at the Disney hotel because of the price and value.

I have stayed in several places around the world paying at most $350 for beach, downtown and other price reasons.
For that money, I was able to come across drinks, taxis, full breakfasts, buffets with all kinds of food to fill me up for the day.

Since I have and I hope I will soon continue to visit Disney for the joy of my children and we will have the joy that I also feel from Disney.
I will probably never stay at a Disney hotel/resort.

Why does everything have to cost more at a Disney hotel?

Disney is already making money on everything else.

Disney should remember quality over quantity, but also realize that they can be the greatest entertainment company in the world, they can also deliver quantity with quality.

Build your hotels more aqquipet for families of 4+
Give parents the opportunity to enjoy their time and enjoy their time, instead of counting their pennies.

I see no reason for Disney to raise their on-demand prices, just say we’re full.
Keep the prices low, and in the long run more will come.

1 night max 250 dollars per family

Multiple nights should get a discount

Sure, more expensive rooms should exist, for those with more wealth, but once at Disney, the money should never fall on the kids.

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