Create wall art mockups with your art to view on a wall –

Several times over the past few months I have been asked to create wall art mockups of my work. So I thought I’d share some of the resources I found along with some ideas for using the mockups once you’ve created them.

Viewing artwork on your walls isn’t always easy. Many decoration companies offer a service that allows you to place artwork on your own walls, virtually, so you can get an idea of ​​how it will look.

Size and color visualization

When you place an image in a mockup situation, it can help you determine what size print you need. It can also show you if the colors will work in your particular room (if you’re using a virtual room mockup of your own space).

Placing mockups on a virtual wall can also make it easier to place multiple artworks. Arrange, rearrange and swap the horizontal and vertical pieces until you achieve the overall look you want.

You can also show customers how the parts can work together. For example, combining two abstract flowers with an architectural image.

mockups 3 framed prints on wall floral architecture Lauri Novak

What to look for

For the most part, when searching these sites, I use the following search terms:

  • Wall art mockup
  • Blank wall mockup
  • Gallery wall model
  • Meeting room wall mockup

Be specific if you have something in mind. If you have a piece that goes in a child’s room, search “kid’s room”.

mock up rookery staircase in living space art on wall

Where to find blank room templates

Etsy – isn’t the first site that comes to mind for such things, but there are plenty of downloadable resources here for minimal cost.

Creative Market – this is a site of all types of assets for designers, graphic artists and more. You can also post your works here to sell them for commercial or commercial use.
Depending on how you use it, you can register as a customer for a fee or for free as a seller.

Canvy – bills itself as an artwork manager that helps you organize your work and create mockups to showcase your work. With a free account, you get 23 included rooms, seven daily downloads, and 100 artworks. For the pro account which is $149/year, you get over 700 rooms, unlimited downloads and artwork. The pro account also has Etsy integration, which is great if you’re selling your art on Etsy.

Fine Art America/ — If you use Fine Art America, you will be able to use the images they have created for you. The downside is that you are limited to only three mockup choices.

Adobe Stock — offers 10 free downloads for new accounts. I always come back here and see what I can find, sometimes the 10 free downloads get renewed.

Envato / Place-it – Envato offers millions of video templates, WordPress themes and graphic templates to many room mockup options. If you’re looking for something fast, you can always sign up for a free trial. Otherwise, there are subscription fees that allow you unlimited downloads for $16.50/month.

chicago city wall art mockup

Other Options for Wall Art Mockups

There are other options, these are the six I tend to pick first. You can also find apps that have room mockups and also ways to “put” an image on your own wall. Smartist is the one that so far is just an iOS app.

No matter which one you find useful for your own work, creating mockups with your images can really help you sell your prints a little easier. Besides selling, it just creates a really nice way to showcase your images, even if you’re not trying to sell them.

Here’s a gallery of sample mockups I’ve made with my own work if you’d like to see some of the designs I’ve used.

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