Comprehensive review of the services of 35 professional web design agencies in Hong Kong


It has been 1 year since COVID-19. Websites and e-commerce have been an essential part of the business world.

We reviewed 20 web design agencies last year and it was well received. Therefore, the second round comes this year. Journalists will start collecting website design agencies from March, test their services and finally evaluate.

Journalists will assess them according to the criteria listed below:

  1. Design: Websites without a specified company name will be rated by 300 people working in the HKSTP. The average mark will be obtained thereafter.
  2. Website Speed: This will be tested by Google PageSpeed.
  3. Website Security: This will be tested by Acunetix.
  4. Website delivery: The entire production period will be evaluated.
  5. Customer service: 10 questions will be asked during the production period and 10 more thereafter. Ditto for each company to test its customer service.
  6. Website stability: It will be a 5 minute test by UPTIME.
  7. After sales service: Responses and services will be evaluated by making requests that are not included in the contract.

The 35 companies below are ranked based on their final scores:

Quality providers recommended by journalists:

BINGO (HK) 65/70

High quality:

YSD 58/70

Creatix 55/70

Trade Wave 53/70

Lolli Media Limited. 51/70

Jump Web Services 51/70


Anglia Design Ltd 48/70

INDZZ 48/70

Limited gray levels 48/70


Visible One Hong Kong 45/70

FEES Creative Ltd. 45/70

45/70 digital square


Bravo Webdesign 42/70

Only level of qualified service:

Bethel Web Design Company Limited 40/70

EMO 40/70 creation

BCNetcom 40/70

Website Design City 38/70

East Technologies Limited 36/70


Unqualified level of service:

Mul Brand Limited 30/70

JKDesignHK 29/70


Kevin Web Design 25/70

WEB KING 22/70

BIZ BUFF 22/70

Develop well 22/70

Mass Media -HK WordPress 22/70

Wow Website Design Limited 22/70

iMaker Limited 19/70

EcShopCity Limited 16/70 (The site has not been completed for six months)

Fan Work Shop 16/70 (The site has not been completed for six months)

Dream Designer 14/70 (The site has not been completed for six months)

Most unqualified providers take 7 or more days to answer a simple question, and some websites only have a 70% rate online, which means 30% of websites are offline.

Finally, it should be considered that the three lowest ranked websites still need 6 months to build websites with templates.


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