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Carmen and Corey, the wealthy and popular YouTuber couple, have risen to fame lately with the range of videos they have posted on the channel. The YouTuber couple has posted extensively about their life as a couple, their life as parents, and other similar details. Led by Carmen and CJ So Cool, the channel uploads lots of pranks, challenges, vlogs, making them famous YouTubers. According to MoneyProMax Net Worth Estimates Carmen and Corey have earned over $8 million. Learn more about the lifestyle of the famous YouTuber duo.

Carmen and Corey real name Carmen Pritchett, Corey Pritchett Jr.
Net worth of Carmen and Corey $8 million
Birthday October 16, 1998 Corry Pritchett Jr – May 31, 1998
Place of birth Carmen Pritchett – Puerto Rico Corey Pritchett Jr – USA
Carmen and Corey age Carmen Pritchett-23 Corey Pritchett Jr-23
Carmen and Corey height Carmen Pritchett – 5’2″ Corey Pritchett Jr – 6ft (1.83m)
Nationality American
Occupation Tiktoker, Youtuber

How much do Carmen and Corey earn?

Carmen and Corey enjoy a lavish life thanks to their YouTube careers. Also, they have other means of income including brand endorsements and sponsorships. Needless to say, advertisers pay them a good sum. In this regard, it can be said that they earn around $20,000 from their YouTube career. That being said, annual revenues are around $240,000.

The relationship

Carmen and her fiancé Corey Pritchett, Jr. are the co-directors of the “Carmen and Corey” channel. They lived together as a couple who first met in 2016 and got engaged a year later. They currently live together but have not revealed their wedding plans. February 2018 updates highlight that they announced the news of expecting their first child together in a few months. The October-born son heightened the love between the two. In addition to his child with Carmen, Corey has a son named Ayden from his previous relationship.

Although Carmen and Corey lived their lives as YouTubers by jointly creating a channel, “Carmen and Corey,” they started to face some issues in their personal lives. The YouTube phenomenon caught the public’s attention but also became a gossip topic when they repeatedly announced their issues.

The current update is that the couple Carmen and Corey broke up in September 2018. Nevertheless, they got back together in 2019. Although the couple raised suspicion among the fans, there is no confirmed information as to find out if they finally broke up. .

In 2021, Carmen and her fiancé Corey mentioned that they were pregnant for the second time with their second child. Plus, she proudly showed off the baby bump. Longtime fans had previously speculated that she was pregnant, but weren’t sure until she broke the news herself. They had mentioned not posting on their main channel because they wanted to keep the news a secret. Moreover, they had made fans wonder about the gender reveal.

Carmen and Corey Education

Since childhood, Carmen and Corey have shown their best performances with good ratings. At 16, Carmen and Corey enrolled in high school. After graduating from high school, they pursued higher education. The most watched videos are “Period Prank Gone Wrong” and “Relationship Goals”.


The weird and crazy pranks and challenges of Carmen’s pregnancy stories make the Carmen and Corey channel so popular. Before delving deeper into the subject, let’s focus on the life of the couple.

Carmen pretty_hispanic, half of the YouTube channel, was born on October 16, 1998 in Puerto Rico, gained immense fame as a makeup artist and YouTuber. She was previously engaged to Corey Pritchett Jr.

Carmen pretty_hispanic, a Puerto Rican YouTuber, has gained popularity as a member of the “Carmen and Corey” couple channel where she posts videos alongside her YouTuber boyfriend Corey Pritchett, Jr., who also owns “CARMEN VLOGS” . Carmen’s Solo Channel uploads his daily vlogs.

Currently a young mother, Carmen enjoys sharing her personal stories with the outside world to inspire other women. On top of that, she has a fun personality, and her goofiness and sense of humor make her comedy videos the best.

According to MoneyPromax, Corey Pritchett, born on May 31, 1998, has gained immense fame as an American YouTuber. As a couple, they have been married since November 2016. They live in Atlanta, Georgia and are the proud parents of baby CJ Pritchett.

Massive fan following on social media has helped Carmen and Corey generate a good amount of money from them.

Carmen, a fashionista, likes to experiment with different fashion ensembles. The YouTube star has gained a huge fan base on Instagram. Carmen started with a joint channel, “Carmen pretty_hispanic” (known as Carmen and Corey). Launched on November 15, 2016, the channel is dedicated to humorous videos. She had always focused on uploading her personal vlogs in collaboration with her fiancé, Corey. The daily routines and range of videos on the channel keep fans entertained. One of the most popular videos called “Let’s Have A Baby Prank – (Gets Real)” has been viewed over 10 million times.

Carmen also runs a solo vlogging channel “CARMEN VLOGS”, showcasing her “girl talk” related videos. These personal vlogs portray Carmen as a woman.

Some of the videos include “Am I Raising Baby CJ By Myself”, “My Morning Routine – GRWM” and “19 and Pregnant – (Thoughts)”.

The American YouTubers, a perfect duo, also started gaining further fame when they started putting their efforts into their side channel titled “The PritchettFamily”. They also run their solo channels, “Life With Corey” and “Carmen Pritchett”.

The couple have amassed a loyal and massive following. They inspired their fans and taught viewers how to live their life as a couple. In fact, they teach a lot through their videos.

The internet sensational couple have been very active all over social media.

Last words

The YouTuber couple have added new content to their channel and continue to attract their viewer base. Share your thoughts on the YouTuber couple. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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