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Influencer Marketing has created the buzz and is quickly becoming an effective strategy to help brands acquire the desired digital presence, brand awareness, leads, and ultimately sales. Leverage this marketing strategy, using well-positioned influencer campaigns, has helped many brands achieve results beyond expectations. Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in helping a brand in various aspects, from motivating potential customers to purchase a product / service to improving the prospect of a particular product.

India’s influencer marketing industry is growing rapidly. It reached a total turnover of Rs 900 crore by the end of 2021. Social media influencers are doing wonders for brands by creating superior value and correct positioning. And that’s why more and more brands are leveraging the power of influencer marketing. However, for good positioning and correct branding, we need to have a great influencer marketing platform that can bridge the gap between brands and influencers to strategize marketing campaigns in the right direction. .

And as a result, N number of influencer marketing platforms have have emerged out there who claim to be experts in this field. However, Grynow has established itself as the best influencer marketing agency due to its more than five years of influencer marketing experience and its team of IIT-IIM alumni. A credible platform that has great relationships with over 150,000 social media influencers to run campaigns of all kinds.

Grynow provides top notch influencer marketing services and is trusted by a wide range of clients like Paytm, ShareChat, Instagram, OnePlus, Trell, Facebook, Roposo, Khatabook and many more.

Why Grynow is one of the best influencer marketing agencies in India

Let’s understand the “secret ingredients” that have helped Grynow achieve incredible success in this field.

Five years and more of experience

Having more than 5 years of relevant experience in influencer marketing is a key differentiator; the company shares its wisdom, knowledge, skills and abilities to understand clients’ needs and help them grow organically.

Diverse and personalized marketing campaigns for clients show Grynow to be a sure-fire leader. Fashion, beauty, food, travel, etc. along with the desired results manifested in store sales, web traffic etc.

Strategically choose influencers

The agency has always focused on reaching the target audience with very specifically chosen influencers. Their experts search a large database of creators to find the right niche influencer and perform in-depth audience analysis of various influencers for maximum reach and engagement. The next step is to create a content strategy that works well and ensures that it reaches the right target audience.

Plays an essential role in managing relationships with influencers

The best way to develop, maintain and nurture relationships with influencers do this by doing extensive research. Grynow reached to influencers who are relevant to the brand and who help by improving its value in its chosen niche. Grynow marketing experts give creative freedom to develop the best content that helps the the brand is growing.

Large database of potential influencers

They have a large database of knowledgeable influencers. Using smart algorithms and manually they search these databases and identify the designers who will perfectly match the brand offer. These software-based directories are a great help in searching to, analyze and follow potential influencers on several social networks media platforms. They continue to add to our database a rich information repository.

Target the right prospects for the brand

Target the right customers at the right time at the right time perspective is the key differentiator of any influencer marketing agency, and Grynow is the leader in this field. Their IIT-IIM alumni and well-experienced team segment and target audiences based on brand needs to maximize reach and engagement. And when the targeting is in the right perspective, the products / services are marketed to the right potential customers, thus increasing sales.

Tailor-made influencer marketing campaign

Well-written content that goes unnoticed is useless. Grynow creates a personalized influencer marketing campaign that is strategic, comprehensive and most importantly, makes the brand memorable. Such content is well received and achieves the desired results. The company has detailed discussions with clients, understands the message / objective they want to share with the target audience and creates personalized and targeted content accordingly.

Brand positioning

The agency helps to position the brand in a superior way in the target market so that it communicates the ability to stay in touch with the right audience and ensure the long term success of the brand. This is only possible when what the brand or agency stands for is clearly understood.

The Grynow team are always ready to go the extra mile to understand the brand identity and consequently develop an influencer marketing strategy. It takes the services and products offered by a take business a step further and help generate worthy conversion leads.

A team of expert and experienced influencers

Grynow has a team of IIM and IIT alumni, and each of them bring immense on-board experience that helps get the job done successfully. They help in the right branding and positioning of customers through a comprehensive and well-designed influencer marketing strategy.

Appropriate assessment

To make sure they’re on the right track and making informed, data-driven decisions, Grynow makes optimal use of key metrics. Their data-driven approach helps them leverage people-centric content, marketing, and referrals. Thorough evaluation helps to record the desired results of carefully created and developed influencer marketing strategies.

Final thoughts

Grynow prides itself on achieving the best results for its customers. Before starting to work for a brand, deliverables are decided and the team strives to go beyond deliverables and deliver amazing results to clients. The team enjoys an excellent success rate in increasing traffic to a targeted website.

Grynow has successfully carved out a niche as India’s premier influencer marketing agency. Grynow Founder and CEO Washib Khan is a visionary and knowledgeable professional. Under his guidance and incredible leadership in this area, Grynow has grown in leaps and bounds. The company has worked with over 150,000 bloggers, influencers, artists and vloggers in various niches and has achieved incredible success.

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