Best Buy’s Black Friday Sale July 2022: 15 Best Deals

Technically, Black Friday is still over 100 days away. Seems like an incredibly long wait for all deal hunters out there. Luckily, you can start celebrating early with Best Buy’s Black Friday sale in July.

You’re not alone in finding the November shopping holiday a little overrated. Lines roll up at the door, hungry shoppers jostle, shelves that feel like an earthquake hit them. Skip the hassle of the season and shop early from the safety of your home.

With Amazon Prime Day also occupying our calendars, Best Buy’s Black Friday sale in July will give shoppers a head start on all the items they crave with plenty of savings. The Black Friday sale will only be live until July 13 and Prime Day started on the 12th, so be sure to check back for more details on how and where to find the best deals. We think of this week as the Olympics of shopping, so there’s nothing like over-preparing for the showdown.

Now, what have you all been waiting for. This year’s July Black Friday sale will offer tons of savings on the latest tech products of the season, including laptops, televisions, headphones, smartphone and more. According to Best Buy, members of Totaltech will also have until the 17th to continue grazing the fields of deals.

best buy

Retire your old interface and upgrade to the smartest TV on the block.

With about half the number of buttons compared to a traditional remote, Roku lets you personalize your entertainment selections with one-touch shortcuts to popular channels like Netflix. Access the best selection of free entertainment with over 250 live TV channels, award-winning Roku Originals, seasonal shows and more.

Insignia TV with water on screen.
best buy

Watch all your favorite movies, shows and games in high definition.

Small but mighty, this 19-inch TV delivers clear images and rich, natural colors with an LED flat screen and 720p HD resolution. Easily pair it with home theater components such as a Blu-ray player, game console, speakers, cable and more. For less than $100, it’s the perfect TV for compact spaces.

Lenovo laptop in black.
best buy

Do you feel like no one is listening? Here’s a laptop that takes your voice commands.

Chromebook is a computer fit for the workings of the modern world, with thousands of apps, built-in virus protection, and cloud backups. It’s fast, versatile, secure, and up-to-date. Just say “Hey Google” to manage tasks, enjoy entertainment, get answers, and control smart home devices.

Perfect for work or play, this laptop has all the tools you need to create and organize your projects.

This laptop is designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees and has four positions you can choose from. Work in laptop position, watch in inverted position, play in tent position and write in tablet position. Quickly transfer any file from almost any device to your PC without cables, clouds, USB drives, or hassle with HP QuickDrop.

Phillips Sonicare toothbrush.
best buy

Try the toothbrush that teaches you how to brush your teeth.

This electric toothbrush keeps you accountable with a 2-minute interval timer that shows when you’ve finished each quadrant of your mouth and signals when to move on to the next area. Plus, it removes seven times more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush with high-quality bristles and protects your gums with an advanced pressure sensor.

Women rowing on a rowing machine.
best buy

Close your eyes and imagine you are on the water.

Using patented electromagnetic drag technology, this rower mimics the feeling of rowing on water while engaging 86% of the muscle groups in your body. Enjoy on-demand lessons taught by elite athletes, including Olympians and National Team members, while taking in the scenery of famous waterways around the world.

Black massage chair.
best buy

Relieve some tension with a massage chair that knows your body.

This massage chair adapts to your unique body and curves through a combination of rollers and air pressure. Why pay for weekly massages when you can save on a durable massage chair that lets you fully customize your ideal massage?

KitchenAid coffee machine.
best buy

Brew lattes like an expert barista with this easy-to-use espresso maker.

With lattes that can cost up to $7 at your local cafe, this espresso maker will save you money in the long run. Say goodbye to lukewarm lattes with KitchenAid technology that ensures your drinks reach the perfect temperature in less than 45 seconds. The customizable dosage allows you to adjust the quantity and texture of the milk according to your tastes and preferences.

Hit the slopes or dive below the surface with a GoPro.

The GoPro is a must-have camera for active adventurers, social media vloggers, and photography enthusiasts. The removable 1720mAh rechargeable battery provides long shooting times, and the rugged, waterproof design allows for flexible use in different terrains. Take it with you anywhere and capture the events you want to remember.

Jabra headphones in black.
best buy

We are in 2022. The background noise is cancelled.

These ultra-compact headphones allow you to fully immerse yourself in audio without being distracted by background noise. Plus, with Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology, your voice will sound smoother and clearer than ever, so you’ll never have to repeat yourself on calls again.

grill in the woods.
best buy

Fall for the grill of your dreams.

If you like your grills bigger, hotter and heavier, this is the one for you. With advanced grilling technology, premium heavy-gauge steel constructions, and 100% natural hardwood pellets, you can fire up barbecues all year round. Unlike regular gas grills, the Pitt Boss Navigator lets you adjust the temperature to your liking. That’s right – no more burnt patties.

People listening to Sony speaker.
best buy

Unleash your inner DJ and jam whenever you want.

This portable speaker is perfect for the pop star or the party post. Plug in a microphone or guitar via the two rear port inputs and enjoy up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. You can also control the party from the dance floor with the Sony Music Center app, letting you cue the next song, change lighting patterns, sound modes, and more.

rear view camera.
best buy

Avoid your next fender-bender with this rear window camera.

Prone to rear knocks and bumps? The occasional hooker? Parking problem? You don’t need a fancy new car to access rearview technology. The ultra-wide 140-degree viewing angle allows detail recording in a wide coverage area, and the fully adjustable magnetic mount provides flexible placement.

drone kit hardware.
best buy

Get an eye in the sky with this all-in-one aerial powerhouse.

Dubbed the “ultimate drone for aerial photographers”, this compact and lightweight drone has more features than we can count. Between the high resolution, accurate color reproduction, and a panoramic lens, capturing cinematic video and images from above won’t be difficult.

Snow teeth whitening system.
best buy

Smiling is contagious, and you’ll do so much more with this whitening kit.

If the wine or coffee starts to stain your teeth, don’t worry. This whitening kit targets every stain and whitens your teeth with a unique vegan formula. Apply the serum once a day and get a whiter smile in minutes. No batteries or charging required.

Theragun massager
best buy

As one review put it, “Key verification, cell phone verification, wallet verification, Theragun Mini verification!”

This pocket-sized portable massager will become an essential that you take wherever you go. Enjoy quality deep muscle massages with three different speed settings and a standard ball ideal for all-around use on small and large muscle groups. Thank us later.

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