Another rape – Daily Times

Pakistani men are not robots and after a long, long list of earth girls falling victim to their beastly urges, a foreign national can also vouch for the gross error in their ways. The American social media activist and vlogger was allegedly raped by a group of people she trusted as her eyes and ears on the ground.

The economics and international outcry involved are sure to compel the state not only to promise a thorough and expedited trial, but to see it through. After all, the leader of the free world is far too valuable an ally to sever ties.

Unfortunately, the fate of more than 14,000 other women raped over the past four years (the actual number would be considerably higher) cannot be resolved at the expense of male ego fragility and widespread chauvinist tendencies. We at the Daily Times have time and again highlighted how the homeland supposedly established to keep all its citizens safe is well on its way to replacing its notorious neighbor as the rape capital of the world.

And while these difficult times call for immediate soul-searching from the authorities, our politicians bizarrely continue to add to the fire with their thoughtless statements. From CCPO Lahore throwing a rape victim on the highway under the bus to the rather pragmatic validation of rape by the former Prime Minister, violence against women is generally not taken seriously at home. Wasn’t it only two years ago that another foreigner living in Islamabad had leveled charges against prominent political figures for raping and abusing her? If her blue passport and phenomenal influence in the mighty halls couldn’t stand between her and the predators, imagine the lifelong horrors of ordinary women forced to choose between life and honor.

The luckiest of them might overcome trauma after being assaulted in broad daylight, but those like Noor Muqaddam are ridiculed even in death. All this while the rich and powerful poke fun at the terrifying episodes, claiming such trouble is an easy way to make money. *

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