After the first Fusion NFTs ™ ️ well-received, Coinllectibles ™ ️ will launch Qing Dynasty Era Collectibles as part of Fusion NFTs ™ ️ Bronze Series 2 on October 1, 2021 (Fri) at 12pm (GMT +8)

SINGAPORE, Sept. 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT ™ ️, Coinllectibles ™ ️, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings Inc. (OTC: COSG), is pleased to announce that it will launch Series 2 of the Fusion Collection Bronze NFTs ™ ️ on October 1, 2021 (Fri) at 12 noon (GMT + 8). The inclusion of 2 rare ceramic collectibles from the Qing Dynasty era – collectively known as “Heritage Coins” adds significance to the Bronze 2 series. This follows the well-received launch Series 1 which trades at an average of approximately 5.8 times its introductory price.

Coinllectibles ™ ️ Fusion NFT ™ ️ Bronze Series 2 consists of 5 exquisite ceramic art pieces with independent ratings ranging from US $ 32,000 To 85 USD, 000 on each item. Collectively, the Fusion NFT Bronze ™ ️ Series 2 is priced at US $ 820,000. The 2 elements that make up the “Coinllectibles ™ ️ Heritage Pieces” are:

1. Qing Dynasty (19e Century) Wucai Five Blessings Longevity Foliate Mouth Plate.

2. Qing Dynasty (19e Century) Carved Red Lacquer And Cloud Dragon Stick Mallet Vase.

Commenting on “Coinllectibles ™ Heritage Coins”, Nancy Wong, Chief Assets Officer of Coinllectibles ™ ️ said: “I am delighted that Coinllectibles features such rare coins. These items have been certified by renowned Hong Kong appraisers as being made in the 19e Century and are heritage items. They are wonderful collectibles and we believe there will be some interest in the launch of Fusion NFT ™ ️ Series 2. “

Besides the “Heritage Coins”, the 3 other ceramic collectibles from Fusion NFT ™ ️ Bronze Series 2 are:

3. Meiping with traditional Chinese pattern of phoenix and flowers.

4. Wucai solitary vase designed with window, flower, character story, human foot and animal ear.

5. Modern Meiping Vase In Fa-Lang-Tsai Enamel With Numbers.

Details of the 5 Fusion NFT ™ ️ for Bronze Series 2 can be accessed from the following link:

Commenting on the Bronze Series 2 collection, Nancy said, “Overall this series is a special collection and the main attraction of these items is their exquisite workmanship. If you visit our website and look at the 3D images embedded in them. Fusion NFT ™ ️ you will be able to zoom in and see all the intricate details. It is as if you are looking at the actual piece and it will give potential collectors an appreciation for the painstaking efforts these master craftsmen have put into making these works of art. “

“In addition to being able to view the 3D image from our website, we have added a new function that will vary the exposure and intensity of lighting on the elements. This will give Fusion NFT ™ owners an additional way to appreciate these images. Whether it’s for heritage pieces or the rest of the Bronze 2 series, you will be able to zoom in as well as change the lighting to get a realistic idea of ​​how it will look, ”added Nancy.

Like the early Fusion NFT ™ ️, buyers will get both the digital Fusion NFT ™ ️ as well as the physical artwork. Likewise, owners of Fusion NFT ™ ️ may choose to take possession of the artwork or present the physical item in asia first Fusion NFT ™ ️ gallery at K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong. All parts for Fusion NFT ™ ️ will be sold as a package.

Commenting on the expected results of Coinllectibles ™ ️ Bronze Series 2, Gerald Gn, Head Corporate Finance, said: “Looking at how our first batch of Fusion NFT ™ performed, we expect this series to perform just as well. Our first Fusion NFTs ™ ️ was collectively sold for around US $ 250,000. Since then it has garnered a lot of interest and they are trading well above that initial amount. At last count, the total value of the first batch of items is $ 1.46 million, representing over 580% capital appreciation in less than 3 weeks. Ultimately, we are excited to see our community grow and enjoy these coins. Whether for short or long term goals, we hope people will enjoy our quality NFTs and Fusion NFT ™ parts. “

For pre-registration of interest in Coinllectibles ™ ️ Bronze Series 2, please visit www.Coinllectibles.Art or join the Coinllectibles ™ Telegram channel ️ at

About Cosmos Group Holdings Inc

Cosmos is a business group that operates in two business sectors:

  • Arts and collectibles
  • Funding

Thanks to CoinllectiblesMT, the group provides authentication, assessment and certification (AVC), sale and purchase, hire-purchase, finance, custody, security and exhibition (CSE) services to buyers of art through traditional channels, as well as leveraging blockchain technology through the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

With approved subsidiaries under that of Hong Kong Money Lenders Ordinance, the group currently primarily provides unsecured personal loans to individuals, with a small portfolio of mortgages.

The group integrates the two sectors of activity by offering guaranteed financing services to potential buyers of works of art and collectibles in order to offer them a unique experience of buying and financing works of art. and collectibles.

About the company – Coinllectibles™ ️

Coinllectibles ™ ️ is an Arts and Collectibles Technology (ACT) company, which is redefining the way the world views art and the ownership of collectibles in the digital age.

Their organized Fusion NFTs ™ ️ capture all independent rights, valuation and ownership of physical arts and collectibles, securely underpinned by smart contracts stored on the blockchain.

Coinllectibles ™ ️ Fusion NFTs ™ ️ connect the physical and virtual dimensions of the arts and collectibles marketplace, providing an enjoyable, seamless and frictionless experience for customers from all walks of life.


About Coinllectibles™ ️ Fusion NFT ™ ️

Coinllectibles ™ ️ is proud of the Fusion NFT ™ ️ as an industry “Gold Standard”. Being a Gold Standard, a Fusion NFT contains the following on the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) – (1) a contract of sale and purchase reflecting the purchase, by the person minting the Fusion NFT ™ ️, of the ‘underlying asset at fair value with all rights and restrictions clearly detailed, (2) deposit conditions governing rights of possession as long as the underlying asset remains with Coinllectibles ™ ️, (3) a deed of transfer reflecting the transfer of ownership of the underlying asset (as well as all rights and restrictions) by the assignor to the holder of the Merger NFT ™ ️, (4) title of ownership recorded in the description of the Merger NFT ™ ️ and (5) on unequivocal identification file of the underlying asset, the ownership of which is reflected in the title deed represented by the Fusion NFT ™ ️.

Contact: Ms. Rachel Lim, Sales and Marketing Director, + 852-28398100, [email protected]

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