A street food vendor offers free food to the cobbler; This gesture wins hearts on the Internet

It’s heartbreaking to see videos of people being kind and compassionate to others. They restore our faith in humanity. Such an act of generosity is increasingly appreciated on social networks. Seeing a street food vendor open his heart to the needy is a delightful thing on the internet today. This is a video posted on Instagram by a food vlogger named Rajat Upashya. The clip opens with street food vendor Manoj striking up a conversation with a cobbler. To start, Manoj first asks the cobbler what his job is and if he earns enough per day. Revealing his profession, the cobbler says he shines shoes at Nehru Place (in New Delhi) for a living. The next thing we see is Manoj serving food on a tray. He puts chapatis, rice and dal on a plate for the cobbler and hands it to him. Not only that, but Manoj also asks him to visit his store often whenever he is hungry or in need of food. The vendor says he will provide the cobbler with free food whenever he comes.

Addressing him as “beta”, Manoj states that he runs the food stall every day at the same place in the afternoon.

Manoj’s act of kindness is appreciated by the masses on social media. The video received over 2.6 million views on Instagram.

One user wrote: “Itna kehna hi bohot badi baat hain… har koi bol bhi nahi paata ye [Saying this much is more than enough, not everyone has the guts to even say this.]”

Another said: “Bhai, aadmi paiso se nahi dil se ameer hota hain. [A person is not rich when he has a lot of money, but he is rich when he has a good heart.]”

Manoj bhai, aapka dil bohot bada hain. I love you, Manoj bhai. [Manoj bhai, you really have a big heart. Love you]“, read a comment.

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