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WordPress users looking for a block theme for blogging will have no shortage of options while Anders Norén is vying with consecutive theme submissions. Beaumont, its second themed release this month, is another designed for personal sites and blogs, but with an emphasis on long-form content. It is named after Thaddeus Beaumont, a character from Stephen King’s half dark.

The new theme features the same Albert Sans font used in Björk, its previous version, supported by STIX Two Text in text content. Beaumont was inspired by the design he uses on his personal website, which Norén said people asked him to turn into a theme. It has that faded paper look that instantly emphasizes the content of the text.

The single post template demo has an elegant design with drop caps, quotes, a custom “Preamble with a separator” pattern, and minimal previous/next post navigation at the bottom. Spacing and typography are exquisite in this theme and lends itself to a bit more formal presentation for long-form content.

Beaumont comes with nine block templates, which writers will appreciate, as most of them are dedicated to text presentation. Templates include long author biography, short author biography, drop cap paragraph, left-aligned quote paragraph, right-aligned quote paragraph, large quote, preamble with a separator, wide quote with diamond separators and a full page resume template.

If you notice a difference in the way the post content appears in the editor, this is a bug in WordPress, not a problem with the theme.

“Currently the text will be set in Albert Sans when you edit your content in the post editor, although it will be set in STIX Two Text on the front-end,” Norén said. “This is because WordPress currently does not apply the core/post-content theme.json settings to the post editor preview. This should be fixed in WordPress 6.1, which is scheduled for November 1st.

Beaumont offers 11 different style variations in the Styles panel that can totally change the look of a website – a few different yellows, several dark variations, and several subtle variations by default. Users can select one and further customize the background, text, links, etc.

Since this theme is geared towards writers, it includes seven different layouts for blog archives, meaning users can opt for a more visual display by using featured images or keep it simple by displaying only featured images. securities. These different loops are grouped together as template parts and can be edited later using the site editor.

Watch the demo to see how all the pieces work together, or check out early adopter Matt Report to see how a podcast uses the theme.

Beaumont would work well as a blog, writing portfolio, or resume site, but, thanks to the vast world of blocks, it could also be used as a base for almost any other type of website. Anders Norén hit another home run with this theme. It’s simple and elegant with only 16K of CSS and no JavaScript, visually distinct from its other themes, and designed for readability. Download it for free from WordPress.org.

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