Create popup and slide-in boxes with the Boxzilla WordPress plugin

With the Boxzilla WordPress Popup Plugin you can easily create slide-in and popup boxes. These can be used flexibly for various call-to-actions, for example for a newsletter registration, account registration or order button.

Install the Boxzilla plugin

Boxzilla is available for free download from the official plugin directory. It is developed by ibericode, who are also behind the popular MailChimp for WordPress plugin. In addition to the basic version, premium add-ons are also available.

Flexible pop-ups or slide-ins, showing up at just the right time.

By: ibericode

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Last updated: 2 months ago
30,000+ active installations
Compatible up to: 5.5.3

Create box

The plugin adds a new custom post type for the boxes. These are available after activating the plugin under the menu item Boxzilla. This means that boxes can be created just as easily as normal posts and pages. Multiple boxes are also no problem.


The title of the box is only used for identification in the backend. The actual content of the box can be entered in the visual editor. Shortcodes are also possible here, so that contact forms, newsletter registration or purchase buttons from other plugins can be inserted as required.

Box styling

In the styling options below, the design of the WordPress popup box can be changed. Settings are available for the width of the box in pixels and for choosing the text and background color. In addition, the frame can be customized with color, width and style type. Web developers can of course adapt the styling of the boxes with CSS code.

boxzilla design options

Box options

In the box options, flexible rules can be used to define exactly on which pages the box should appear. Several rules can be created, whereby all or only one must apply. Various conditions are available to show or hide boxes on certain posts, pages, categories, custom post types or custom URLs.


In addition, there are 5 positions for displaying the box: The four corners of the browser window and a central center position. With the latter, the box is shown as a popup and the rest of the browser is darkened. If you want to "annoy" the visitor a little less, we recommend displaying the box in one of the four corners. This disrupts the flow of reading a little less than with the popup in the middle.

You can also choose between slide in and fade in animation. The configuration when exactly the box appears is also important. Here the plugin offers the possibility to show the box after a certain period of time (e.g. 10 seconds), a scroll width (e.g. 50% of the page height) or reaching a defined area on the page (e.g. comments).

boxzilla position

Other settings concern the cookie expiration duration, hiding the box on mobile devices and scrolling up as well as activating the test mode.

Premium add-ons

While the plugin leaves nothing to be desired in the free version, the developers also offer a number of add-on plugins to expand the basic functionality. Amongst other things:

  • Exit Intent: Allows boxes to be displayed when the visitor wants to leave the page
  • Pageviews: Allows boxes to be displayed after a certain number of page views
  • Theme Pack: Contains different style variants for the boxes
  • Google Analytics: Tracking the display and closing of boxes with events
  • wooCommerce: Extra rules for displaying the boxes on wooCommerce product pages

The add-ons can all be purchased together for $ 60 per year for one domain. Additional domains are $ 20 / page. Alternatively, the add-ons can also be purchased for $ 6 per month.


If you are looking for a quick way to increase the conversation of newsletter registration or contact inquiries, the Boxzilla plugin is the best choice. It is easy to use, offers numerous options in the free version and can be expanded with premium add-ons for little money.

When using the plugin, one should take into account that many users may find these slide-in and popup boxes annoying. From experience I can say that they are still very effective.