Replace WordPress featured images with videos from Youtube

With the Featured Video Plus plugin you can easily replace WordPress featured images with videos. The plugin supports the most common video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, but also allows local videos to be played from the media library.

A prerequisite for the plugin to function correctly is a properly programmed theme that uses the standard WordPress functions for displaying the featured images.

Install Featured Video Plus

The Featured Video Plus plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory. Over 20,000 active pages and 60 five star ratings give a good first impression. In addition, the plugin is developed by a German developer and is therefore completely localized in German.

Replace WordPress featured images with videos

The plugin automatically adds a new metabox for entering a video URL on the admin pages for creating posts and pages. The introduction to the functionality of the plugin with the tooltip at the beginning with which an example video can be inserted with one click is very successful. It couldn't be easier.

The simple introduction to the plugin is very successful

If you do not want to embed an external video, you can alternatively open the media library by clicking on the icon in the video URL field to embed a local video. After entering a video URL, the plug-in loads the video directly and thus enables a preview or playback of the video in the admin area.

In order to replace the featured image with the contribution video, each contribution must still have a featured image. Finally, filters are used here for the normal display functions of the featured images in order to replace the featured image with the video.

But here, too, the plug-in makes it very easy for us because it automatically sets a featured image when you enter the video URL, if one is not yet available. At least with Youtube, this works smoothly by simply using the video thumbnail from Youtube.

Media settings for contribution videos

The plugin adds its options to the existing WordPress media settings. With the first setting, Mode, you can configure whether videos are embedded immediately or whether the featured image is displayed by default. With the latter, the video is only loaded in an overlay popup or instead of the featured image by clicking on the image.


In addition, additional conditions for using the display mode can be defined in the options for the contribution videos. This means, for example, that videos can only be replaced automatically when individual posts or pages are viewed. The blog index and archive pages then show the post image as normal.

Finally, of course, settings are available for the videos themselves, such as automatic playback of the videos or a continuous loop. There are still specific options for the individual platforms such as YouTube, including defining the design of the video player.



Featured Video Plus is a simple plugin that works flawlessly and I would be happy to recommend it. You can see a demo of the plugin on the announcement post for version 2.0 of the plugin .