Add and remove WordPress featured images

In the second post of my article series about featured images, I would like to briefly explain how you can add and remove WordPress featured images. Most of you will already be familiar with the topic, but for the sake of completeness this article should not be missing from the series.

In the first part of the article series , I already explained what exactly distinguishes a featured image and what peculiarities it brings with it. In the following I explain how you can add and remove featured images in your posts and pages.

Add WordPress featured images

To add a featured image, you need to edit an existing post or create a new one. WordPress provides a separate meta box for the featured image. By default, you can find these on the right-hand side, under the boxes for publish , categories and tags .

Add WordPress featured images

Help, I can't find the box for the featured image!

If the box for the featured image is missing in your WordPress backend, make sure that it is not deactivated in the view options. To do this, click on Customize View in the top right corner of the screen and activate the checkbox for the featured image.

customize post-image-view

If there is also no checkbox for the featured image, then your theme probably doesn't support featured images. You can test this out by switching to the default TwentySixteen theme and trying it out with it.

Set featured image

The WordPress media library opens as a popup window with a click on Set featured image. Here you can select a featured image from the existing images or upload a new image.

post image media library

After you have uploaded or selected a suitable picture, you can assign it to the post by clicking on Set post picture in the lower right corner.


WordPress will now show you your chosen featured image directly in the featured image box. If you just changed the post picture quickly, don't forget to save or update the post.

Post image preview

The process is the same for static pages. However, depending on the theme, the featured image for a page can be displayed differently than for a post. With custom post types, it depends on whether the developer added support for featured images.

Change and remove featured images

With a click on Remove Featured Image , the assigned featured image can be removed. Please note that the image is not deleted from the media library, only the assignment as a featured image is removed. A different contribution image can also be set by clicking on the image.

Post image preview

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