Add WordPress widgets under posts and pages with plugin

Widget Areas is a brand new plugin for creating additional widget areas. The widgets can be displayed either below or above the content of posts, pages and custom post types.

Most themes support widgets in the sidebar and in the footer. Apart from these typical areas for widgets, it is often practical to be able to add widgets in the content area. For example, advertising banners, newsletter forms or authors can be displayed at the end of the article.

If the WordPress theme used does not offer such widget areas by default, they can also be created quickly and easily with the Widget Areas plugin.

Widget areas plugin

The plugin was published a week ago in the WordPress plugin directory and accordingly has only a few downloads and active installation. But already two positive reviews with 5 stars.

Create unlimited widget areas that you can display above and / or below posts & post types content; or display them manually using provided code.

By: Widget Options Team

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Last updated: 1 year ago
2,000+ active installations
Compatible up to: 4.8.15

Create widget area

After installing the plug-in, new widget areas can be created under Design → Widget Areas . The plugin relies on a custom post type, which means that any number of widget areas can be created for different positions.

In addition to the name and description of the new sidebar, you can also choose between various HTML elements for the widgets (including li, div, section, aside) and the widget titles (eg h1, h2, h3). In addition, individual classes can be assigned.

In the additional boxes on the side you can configure whether the widget area should be displayed above or below the content. Alternatively, manual display via PHP code in the theme or with shortcodes can be selected.

In addition to posts and pages, the widgets can also be displayed on custom post types, if any. The plugin automatically shows all available post types in the selection.

After creating the widget area, new widgets can be added as normal under Design → Widgets or in the Customizer.

Widget Areas Video

A short video is also available for a look at how the plugin works:


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Create WordPress widget areas without a plugin

If you want to do without extra plugins, you can basically register additional widget areas in a child theme with just a few snippets of code and add them under the content. I will show you the exact procedure in my next post.