WordPress: Set different header images for pages and categories

With the Unique Headers WordPress Plugin you can set different header images for WordPress posts, pages and categories. The individual header images replace the standard header image on the respective pages.

Many themes offer the option of adding a header image in addition to the logo image. This is mostly displayed as a decorative element or eye-catcher.

A request that is often expressed is to individually define different header images for pages, posts and categories. Here, however, the conventional feature for the header image quickly reaches its limits.

As always, there are a variety of plugins to be able to set the header image flexibly and individually.

Upload default header image to WordPress

The header image is a WordPress core feature and is available if the active theme explicitly defines support for the feature.

In this tutorial I am using the TwentySixteen theme, which shows the header image under the logo and the navigation.

The current header image can be added under Design → Customizer → Header image :

The exact placement and display of the header image depends on the theme used. TwentySixteen shows the header image continuously on all pages of the website and automatically links it to the homepage.

If several header images are uploaded, the random display of an image can be selected from all available images.

Different header images with Unique Headers plugin

If, however, a specific header image that is individually tailored to the content is to be used for each page, the WordPress header feature is not sufficient.

Some themes replace the standard header image on static pages and posts with the featured image. So it's worth checking the handling in the theme. Individual header images may already be possible with the use of contribution images.

If, as with TwentySixteen, there is no support for this, or if individual header images are also to be specified for categories and archive pages, a plug-in solution can be used.

My preferred and often recommended plugin is Unique Headers .

Adds the ability to use unique custom header images on individual pages, posts or categories or tags.

By: Ryan Hellyer

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Last updated: 10 months ago
20,000+ active installations
Compatible up to: 5.4.4

The prerequisite for the correct functioning of the plugin is that the active theme must support the core feature for the header image.

Define different header images for pages and categories

Unique Headers adds a new metabox to every post and every page, with which a header image can be set individually.

If an image is selected, it will replace the traditional header image in the exact same place.

In addition, different header images can be selected for each category and each keyword.

Of course, the plugin also works with custom post types and custom taxonomies.

Size of the header image

The plugin shows the selected header images in their original size. These are therefore not adapted to the defined width and height of the standard header image.

The uploaded header images should therefore be adjusted to the correct size in advance using a graphics program. Alternatively, images can first be uploaded as a normal header image in the customizer in order to use the image cropping feature of the core.

Different header images as a result

Header image: Home page
Header image: Contact page