Convert WordPress posts into pages with Post Type Switcher - also works the other way around and with Custom Types

In this blog post, I introduce the Post Type Switcher plugin, which you can use to convert WordPress posts into pages - or vice versa. The post type can be changed back and forth as required. Custom post types are also supported.

In the comments on my post on the quick and easy duplication of WordPress posts and pages , I was asked whether the cloning would also allow you to change the post type. The presented plugins do not support this feature.

That's why I was looking for a way. Changing the post type is often useful for other applications. For example, if the theme has integrated custom post types, the posts created must be migrated when changing the theme.

Plugins that define custom post types can also be set - the content then often has to be migrated to another CPT. Or if contributions have been used as a portfolio, but at some point you want to switch to a plugin with CPT.

Web developers should prefer an adaptation of the post type with a little SQL directly in the database. WordPress users, on the other hand, will appreciate the simple plugin solution.

Post type switcher

The plugin has existed for over 5 years and is listed in the WordPress plugin directory.

An easy way to change the post type in WordPress

By: John James Jacoby

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Last updated: 4 months ago
100,000+ active installs
Compatible up to: 5.6

The last update was a year ago (as of January 2018), but the plugin worked without any problems in my tests with WordPress 4.9.1.

In the support forums, bugs are sometimes reported in combination with other plugins that also intervene in the storage process of posts. I therefore strongly recommend creating a backup and trying out the plugin in a test environment before actually using it.

If certain posts are to be migrated only once, it can also be helpful to deactivate other plugins for the migration.

Convert a single post to a static page

The plugin adds a new option to change the post type in the publishing metabox. In the selection field you can choose between all available post types (articles, pages + CPTs).

Change WordPress Post Type in the editor

WordPress connoisseurs know that menus, attachments and post revisions are also stored in the wp_posts table . These are not offered by the plugin for switching, which is also useful.

Change post type with QuickEdit function

Changing the post type is also possible with the QuickEdit function. This can be called up with the QuickEdit link that appears when the mouse pointer is moved over the post.

Quick edit function in WordPress

The settings for the Post Type are displayed on the far right under the normal options.

Change WordPress Post Type with Quick Edit

This saves the effort of having to call up the post, page or CTP separately, because the post type can be changed directly in the overview.

Convert multiple WordPress posts into pages

If the post type needs to be converted for a large number of posts, the fastest way is to do bulk processing. This core feature is somewhat hidden and therefore often unknown.

To edit several contributions at the same time, they must first be selected in the overview. Then the option Edit can be selected in the selection field above the table and confirmed by clicking on Apply .

Afterwards, as with QuickEdit, the Post Type can also be changed with a selection field - only this time with the bulk editing for all selected posts at the same time.

Convert Post Type with Bulk Edit