Design the WordPress login form in the customizer

With the Plugin Login Designer you can design the WordPress login form directly in the Customizer and adapt it to your wishes. In a few steps you upload your own logo and configure the spacing, colors and typography of the WordPress login.

There are already a number of plugins for adapting the WordPress login form. With Login Designer, a new and innovative solution for designing the WordPress login was recently released, which relies on the customizer.

Login designer

Login Designer can be downloaded from the plugin directory. The development of the plugin takes place publicly on Github .

The plugin was released in November 2017 and is only about three months old. Despite this short span of time, it has already won over 6,000 downloads, 1,000 active installations and 8 positive reviews.

Design the WordPress login form

You can find the settings of the plugin under Design → Customizer → Login Designer. When you select the menu item in the Customizer, Login Designer automatically changes the live preview and shows a preview of the WordPress login instead of the actual website.

Login designer options

In the Templates section you can choose between three different basic templates. In addition to the WordPress Core Standard, a dark scheme and a chic two-column layout with a background image as an eye-catcher are also available.

Design the WordPress login form

In the second section Settings , the credit link “Powered by Login Designer” can be deactivated. If you want to recommend the plugin to others, you can also leave the option activated and adjust the logo and text color of the branding.

Design individual elements in the WordPress login form

In addition to the two general sections Templates and Settings, the various elements in the login form such as logo, labels, input fields and links can be designed individually.

The options for this are displayed by clicking on the element that you want to change in the live preview of the login form. For example the input fields:

Login Designer: Input Fields Options

The options of the plugin for adapting the individual elements in the login form are very extensive. Distances, colors and typography can be configured in detail. Frame and drop shadow design options are also available.

A total of eight different sections are available for adjusting the elements in the WordPress login form. The following picture gallery provides an overview:

You can also get a quick insight into Login Designer with the intro video of the plugin:


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Login Designer's usability convinced me right away. The plugin offers numerous settings for adapting the WordPress login, but is not overwhelming despite the wealth of options. You rarely find high flexibility and simple operation, therefore 5 stars.