WordPress troubleshooting and system diagnostics with Health Check

With Health Check you get the most important information about your website and you can see immediately whether your WordPress configuration has any problems. A number of tools make WordPress troubleshooting easier and help you find problematic plugins.

Health Check

Health Check is developed by the WordPress support team and serves as a tool for questions in the WordPress.org support forums . Users can quickly and easily provide the most important information about their WordPress installation or even go to WordPress troubleshooting.

Health Check identifies common problems, and helps you troubleshoot plugin and theme conflicts.

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Compatible up to: 5.6

You can also find a detailed plugin description in the WordPress Support Handbook .

The plugin got some bad reviews due to some bugs with the new troubleshooting mode. As far as I can tell, these bugs have all been fixed by the latest updates.

Information about the WordPress installation (Health Check)

You can find the options for the plugin under Dashboard → Health Check in your WordPress backend. The Health Check tab is an initial system diagnosis and shows the most important information about your WordPress installation in a compressed form.

WordPress Health Check

You will receive information about the used version of PHP, MySQL and cURL as well as the support of JSON and utf8mb4. Communication with WordPress.org is important so that updates for WordPress, themes and plugins can be installed from there.

Basically, here you get an initial overview of whether essential things work in your WordPress configuration and all minimum requirements for WordPress are met.

Debugging information

Much more detailed information can be found under Debugging Information .

Here you will find more detailed information about your WordPress installation and a list of all plugins and themes used, including the version number. In addition, exact details on the server configuration, the database, the WordPress constants and the file rights are listed.

WordPress debugging information

As a beginner, you may not be able to do much with all the technical information. However, the debugging information can be very useful for developers to answer any questions or to find the cause of an error.

For support inquiries in the forum or to theme and plugin developers, it helps immensely if you send the system information about your WordPress website along with a detailed description of your problem.

The Health Check Plugin offers an extra option for this, with which you can copy and paste all debugging information into your question with one click.

For experienced WordPress users and developers, the debugging information is a quick way to get an overview of the complete WordPress installation and server configuration without having to laboriously find out these details yourself.

WordPress error diagnosis

In the tab fault diagnosis (English: Troubleshooting) you'll find a tool that allows you, the cause of errors and bugs on your website to find out yourself.

WordPress error diagnosis

Experience has shown that most errors are caused by the theme and the plugins used. When the error diagnosis mode is activated, all plugins are deactivated for you only and you switch to the standard theme. For all other users, your website is accessible with all plugins as usual.

Normally, the problem no longer occurs because it was caused by the theme, plugin or combination of plugins. Health Check adds a new menu in the WordPress toolbar that you can use to control the error diagnosis mode.

WordPress error diagnosis toolbar

In the toolbar menu you can now gradually activate your plugins and thus test which plugin is causing the error on your website. You can also switch to your current theme.

Once you have located the cause of the error, you can deactivate the error diagnosis mode in the toolbar.

PHP information

This menu item simply outputs the php_info () function and shows information about the PHP configuration:

WordPress PHP_Info


Under Tools you will find two more tools.

WordPress Health Check Tools

You can use the File Integrity tool to check that all WordPress core files are intact and have not been modified. If there are any discrepancies, the affected files are displayed and you can ensure that your website has not been hacked and malicious code has been smuggled in.

With the email check you can check whether your WordPress installation can send emails without any problems.


Health Check is an extremely useful plugin for getting a quick overview of all the essential information on your WordPress website. With the included tools such as the error diagnosis mode, the search for the causes of errors on your own WordPress website is much easier.