5 plugins for better data protection in WordPress

At the end of May, like every website operator, I was busy preparing my blog for the new General Data Protection Regulation. In total, I installed five new plugins for better data protection in WordPress, which may be interesting for one or the other reader. So here is a brief summary.

Embed videos and respect privacy

With Embed videos and respect privacy , videos from Youtube can be integrated without data being sent to Google with each call. The plugin shows a static placeholder for this and only establishes the connection when the user clicks the play button.

Here is an example video:


By loading the video, you accept YouTube's privacy policy.
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Load video

In addition to YouTube, the plugin also works for Vimeo and other services integrated with oEmbed. We recommend installing the current version 2.0 of Github , as the plugin on WordPress.org has unfortunately not yet been updated.

Borlabs cookie

When the new General Data Protection Regulation came into force, I still used the GDPR Pixelmate plugin for the cookie notice, which, however, always caused a reload of the website when accepting the cookies and also had problems with the caching of the website.

That's why I've now switched to Borlabs Cookie , which looks much more sophisticated and works very smoothly. The plugin costs 29 € / website and is definitely worth the money.

For detailed information and helpful CSS snippets for styling adjustments, I recommend the article Borlabs Cookie: Introduction & Instructions from Webtimiser.

Avatar privacy

With Avatar Privacy , the Gravatar images are cached locally for comments and external requests to Gravatar.com are avoided. The IP address of visitors is not passed on to other servers.

Improve the privacy of your users and visitors with Gravatar opt-in and local avatars.

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Compatible up to: 5.6

Local emoji

In older browsers, emojis are loaded as graphics from WordPress.org. With Local Emoji, there is also a plug-in here to remove this request to an external server and to integrate the graphics locally from your own server.

I became aware of Avatar Privacy and Local Emoji through Florian Brinkmann. He presented the two plugins in more detail in his article Load gravatars and emoji fallbacks for WordPress sites from your own server .

Remove Comment IPs

The Remove Comment IPs plugin removes the IP addresses stored in WordPress comments from the database. In order for antispam plugins to reliably ward off any spam comments, the IPs are only deleted after 60 days.

If you want to completely prevent the storage of IP addresses in comments, you will find some options in the article WordPress and GDPR: Remove IP address in comments .

Improve data protection in WordPress

All the plugins presented improve data protection in WordPress in one way or another. The loading of resources from external servers is reduced or only takes place with the consent of the user, data that are no longer required such as IPs of commenters are deleted and certain cookies are only used with the permission of the visitor.

Which plugins do you use for better data protection in WordPress?