Show WordPress post images in the WordPress Admin in an additional column

A useful feature for me is the display of the WordPress post images in the WordPress Admin. In this post, I show two simple plugins with which you can add the post image in an additional column in the overview of all posts in the backend.

Featured Image Column

The first way to do this is with the very popular Featured Image Column plugin:

The plugin inserts the column for displaying the featured image on the far left in the contribution table. In addition, the post image is displayed quite small, which means that little space is required and all posts remain visible without long scrolling.

WordPress Featured Image Column Plugin

Featured Image Column is therefore ideally suited to be able to capture the correct contribution in the overview. A picture - even if it's small - is much easier to see at a glance than a list of titles.

The featured images are displayed for all post types. If the column should only be displayed for posts, it can also be deactivated for static pages. To do this, click on Customize view in the top right corner of the article overview and deactivate the Image checkbox.

Customize WordPress post image view

Featured Image Admin Thumb

Another way to display the featured images in the WordPress Admin is Featured Image Admin Thumb . This plugin is also hosted in the plugin directory.

In contrast to the first plugin, the preview image is shown less prominently at the end of the line on the right edge. It is therefore a little less noticeable from the position, but shows the contribution image a little larger.

WordPress Featured Image Admin Thumb Plugin

The real reason for introducing the second plugin is the ability to change the post image directly in the overview of all posts. With a click on the picture, the media library opens and the contribution picture can be changed in a flash without having to edit the contribution manually. Often a very useful function.


Both plugins are almost identical and serve their purpose. Therefore, the decision for a plugin is a matter of taste and depends somewhat on the intended use.

I sometimes use both plugins myself.

I use Featured Image Admin Thumb to create demo websites for my theme shop . To be able to change the featured images in the overview with just a few clicks is a valuable function for me to save a lot of time.

I prefer the first plug-in for the quick capture and clarity of posts.

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