Longer break from blogging

Due to an injury, I'm taking a longer break from blogging and shifting my priorities to my theme shops. So no new articles will appear here in the next few months, but hopefully it will start again at some point.

Extraordinary violation

The reason for my unforeseen break is a fall on my shoulder and a severe shoulder joint dislocation, which tore me out of work two weeks ago.

According to Murphys Law, the right shoulder is of course also affected if you are right-handed ...

After a shoulder surgery and a short stay in the hospital, I am now at home and quite confident that everything will heal completely. But it will probably take a few months and a lot of physiotherapy before I can move my arm completely again.

I am therefore a little restricted, but will be able to work well again relatively soon. Fortunately, typing on a keyboard is not very stressful for the shoulder. Nevertheless, I've decided to take a little less time and rearrange my tasks.

Theme Killer goes into the summer break

With my now two theme shops and WordPress blog, my to-do list is very packed and there was almost too little time to push all projects forward even before the injury. Of course, it doesn't get any better as a disabled person.

At the moment we are in a phase of upheaval with Gutenberg, which is why my business theme needs full attention. Moving to WordPress Blocks has a higher priority than blogging, so I want to focus more on that.

I have therefore decided to put the blog completely on hold. No new articles will appear in the next few months. At some point, of course, I hope for a fresh start.